This or That: Which Owala Water Bottle Should I Get?

Are you one of those people who asks what your partner wants for dinner and you both say “I don’t know” until everything is closed? Do you spend more time scrolling through Netflix than actually watching it? Can you not decide whether you’re team NSYNC or team Backstreet Boys?

While there are some decisions we can’t make for you, we have developed a handy little system to help you figure out which water bottle you should buy. (You’re welcome.) Just answer these questions without thinking too much. Go with your gut. 

Do you love carrying hot coffee on the go or do you fancy cold drinks?

Hot drink lovers 

For those of you who love tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or really warm water (hey, we don’t judge), you’ll want to go with the Twist bottle. 

Cold, refreshing drink lovers

If you load your water bottles with tons of ice and like to say “ahhh” after taking a sip,* FreeSip and Flip bottles are your jam. *Applicable even if you don’t say that. 


Do you prefer stashing soda in your water bottles or mostly just—like the name suggests—water?

To our soda-drinking fiends, meet the Twist. It can handle carbonation with no problems. 

If you’re a purist, the FreeSip and Flip are your new best friends. 

Do you like to sip your water from a straw or chug it? 


You’ll want a FreeSip or a Flip. 


You’re gonna fall, big time, for the Twist bottle.

Plan on using your water bottle in the car or when you’re moving around?

Road tripper = FreeSip or Flip, since they’re ultra easy to open. 

Always active = Twist is great for in-between workouts or out on trails, thanks to its quarter-twist top. 

Interested in using your water bottle for shakes or simply liquids?

All liquids = FreeSip and Flip are easy to sip from and don’t get messy. 

Shakes = Twist. Without a straw, it’s easier to rinse out when you’re done. 


Whether you like this or that, you can’t go wrong with an Owala water bottle. All of our bottles have triple insulation to keep your liquids cool and a super convenient carry handle so you can quench your thirst anywhere.