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What you need to know ☝🏽

1) The exact time will be announced the day of, via email and social media—so if you don’t want to miss it, RSVP above.

2) Limit one product per customer. (Don't be greedy now.)

3) U.S. Customers Only. (Lo siento, Pardon, Entschuldigung.) 

Not a speed shopper? Fear not, immediately after the free-for-all we’ll run BOGO free the rest of day. So tell all your friends and frenemies about the party—all are welcome.

Because we knew you'd ask 😉

Is this real?


What if I add the bottle to my shopping cart but don’t make it through checkout? Do I still get it for free?

Nope—sorry. You must complete checkout. Bottles are not reserved in your cart. To help speed things up, we’ll remove the customer account creation for the party, and won’t require payment info. So all you’ll need to do is add the product to your cart, add your contact and shipping info, and you’ll be good to go.

How can I increase my chances of making it through checkout on time?

No idea. But if we were to hazard a guess: 

1) Sign up for notifications through email, and social media. 

2) Decide on which product you’ll snag before the party (color, size, etc.)

3) Get on the site a few minutes before go-time and keep your eye on the countdown timer (the whole site will lock up 30 minutes before to prepare).

4)When the countdown timer hits ‘zero,’ do not refresh—the site will open automatically. Just add the product to your cart and immediately complete checkout. Don’t refresh, don't second guess, and do not "pass go" or you may not make it.

5) Party on.

Can I get more than one free product during the free-for-all?

Nope, only one free product per customer. But we’re keeping the party going with a buy one get one FREE sale right afterward—so if you want more than one bottle, just wait for the BOGO sale to go live and shop ‘til you drop.

Is this restricted only to bottles?

Nope—when we say everything is free, we mean everything. If you already have enough Owala bottles (impossible), you’re welcome to snag a bottle brush or a sticker. Only Color of the Season subscriptions are excluded from the sale. 

What if I add more than one product to cart during the free-for-all?

UPDATED: If you add more than one product to your cart, the discount won't work. So if you're gunnin' for a free one, make sure you have ONLY ONE product in your cart when you proceed to checkout. If you want more bottles, you can always take advantage of the BOGO Free deal starting immediately after the free-for-all.

What if your site crashes?

We’re 93.2% confident that won’t happen. Our site host assures us they can handle at least 1 million visitors per hour. If we pass that...well...we’re gonna have to throw another party.

I bought a bottle the day before the party, can I get refunded?

This party favor is exclusive to our birthday, so we won’t refund prior purchases. BUT, you can still get a second bottle for free during the free-for-all. More Owala = better.

When will my free bottle ship?

No idea. (Depends on how many orders we get.) But we’re aiming to ship all orders within 5 business days of the party. 

When will I receive my free bottle?

Plan on 8-16 business days for your free Owala bottle to arrive. (Slow – but free.) 

Can I change my free-for-all order after it’s been placed?

Probably not. If you placed your order within the last 15 minutes, we may be able to change it—message us here. If it’s been longer than 15 minutes, chances are good it’s already too far along the fulfillment process for us to make changes. (We work quickly!) 

What if I have other questions?

Shoot us a message here.