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Well, as long as they're about our donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. If you have questions about something else, hit the “contact us” button below.
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What foundation are you working with?

How is my purchase going to make a difference?

During the month of October 2021, we are tracking the total number of pink water bottles purchased from At the end of the month, we will ship a matching number of Owala bottles (FreeSip, Flip, or Twist) to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for inclusion in their HOPE Kits.

What are HOPE Kits?

HOPE Kits are “a tangible expression of hope, providing comfort and encouragement to women undergoing breast cancer treatment.” We think they’re pretty cool. Learn more here.

What bottles can I purchase that will lead to a donation?

Any pink (Hyper Flamingo) bottle in any size or type, purchased from, qualifies.

If I purchased a pink bottle yesterday, will that count?

If “yesterday” was in October, then yes. You just helped spread more Owala love to those in need.


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