Owala Earth Week Terms and Conditions

Planting Trees:  Ok, so WE won’t plant a tree (well maybe a couple) but we will donate to an organization that plants trees. According to teamtrees.org $1 plants 1 tree, so we’ll give a $1 donation for every bottle purchased under this program to an organization that will plant a tree (and they’ll probably do a better job than if we tried to do it ourselves).

Eligible Time Period: For the dates of this promotion (April 19, 2021 – April 22, 2021) we will make a $1 donation, for every eligible bottle purchased, to an organization with a stated goal to plant trees.

Eligible bottles: All regularly priced Owala brand bottles (Freesip® Fliptm, Twisttm and Color of the Season) purchased from the Owalalife.com website.  Accessories and returned bottles are excluded, (for example, the 2-in-1 Bottle Brush or stickers).

Donation Details: It is anticipated that donations will be made to the Arbor Day Foundation through #teamtrees and the teamtrees.org platform.  However, Owala has not officially partnered with any specific organization and the exact organization and method of donation may change.

Because Owala is making a donation based on the number of bottles purchased in the Eligible Time Period, bottle purchasers will not be eligible for any tax deductions based on their bottle purchase.  Sorry.

It is expected that all donations will be completed prior to August 1, 2021.  This allows for all bottles orders to be fully processed, delivered and any returns accounted for.  However, because we have not officially partnered with any organization, sometimes paperwork may need to be completed and donations my take a little longer.

Check back for details on Owala’s Earth Day Donation.