This is the part where I try and convince you in 30 words or less that I’m a water bottle worth taking a chance on.

But it’s not gonna happen. Why? Because I’m kind of a Chatty Kathy and there’s no way I can cover my many strengths—like my easy twist lid and triple-layer insulation—in so few words. So, let’s just pretend I hit all the right buttons and you are completely sold.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Tritan
  • 19oz
  • 24oz
  • 25oz
  • 32oz

"Bought this bottle. Got a raise same day. Coincidence? I think not."

-Calvin P., Guy Holding This Bottle

Features you'll love.

Owala Twist Leak Proof Water Bottle Lid

I have an
easy-twist lid.

I’m not gonna lie. I don’t do fancy party tricks. I’m not going to win any ‘innovation of the year’ awards. But what I do do, I do very well. My lid twists on and off with just a quick ½ turn. Which doesn’t sound like much. But given that most water bottles require an average of 3.2 turns, that’s some serious time saved over the course of a day. You’re welcome. 

Owala Twist Leak Proof Water Bottle Loop

I have a carry loop.

My carry loop is probably my favorite feature. Why? Because it’s so stealthy you barely know it’s there. It never gets in the way, but it’s always ready and able when you need it. Plus, in all transparency, the carry loop just makes me feel more secure when you’re schlepping me around everywhere.

Owala purple leak proof twist water bottle lid

I'm leak proof.

Probably the most important thing in a water bottle, yet how many bottles end up leaking and making a mess all over you and your stuff? But not this guy. Designed with water-tight seals, this bottle will contain itself at all times.

But wait. There's more.

Owala twist top lid

Twist Top Lid

Easily twists open & closed for easy access.

Owala bottle easy to clean

Easy to Clean

Designed to be quick and easy to disassemble with minimal hard-to-reach surfaces. 

Owala bottle 24 hours cold

24 Hours Cold

Triple-layered, vacuum-insulated stainless steel to keep your drink cold.

Owala bottle BPA free plastic

BPA-Free Plastic

Top-of-the-line BPA-free and odor-resistant Tritan™ Plastic.

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Great water bottle!!
19oz and 32oz water bottle
Love my water bottle! 💦

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