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Kimberly H.
I Love Owala

Four months ago I had never even heard of Owala. Now I own five. My water bottle of choice was Hydro Flask until I saw it rolling around on the floorboard of my car and realized nothing was protecting my straw. I was fortunate enough to get the Literally Glows during Owala's birthday bash and now I'm hooked. My son loved the colors of Pretty Fly so without hesitation I ordered it for him. Love Owala's straw system, the easy open cap and the loop handle.

Miriam C.

Best water bottle I have ever owned!

Olivia D.
picky person gives 5 stars

love the free sip! the handle is sturdy, the lock feels satisfying to close (curious about the longevity of it) though it is a little tough at first. the straw is the best part---no air bubbles or noises! and its nice to have the option to sip as well, tho i find im using the straw the majority of the time. keeps things cool for the full 24 hrs, tho i wasn't concerned with that. mostly worried about the sensory experience. no complaints after a month of use!

Molly B.
Best EVER water bottle!

The BEST water bottle! No lid to deal with unscrewing or spilling it on you while you’re driving. Sips way better and smoother than the camelback, plus you don’t have to bite it. I’ve convinced so many people to buy one after trying it just one time! I will say be gentle with the carry loop though because I’ve already broken two and had to replace the lids.


realllly amazing


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