Velvet Moon
Velvet Moon
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Velvet Moon

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*replacement lids do not come with a straw

Customer Reviews

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Ashley S.
Used to love these bottles

A few years ago, this bottle was our go to - the only one we used at home, travel, work, and always recommended to others.
The free sip option is incredibly easy to clean and the lid locks well and no drips.

This year we unfortunately had to replace our daughter's water bottle for school, dropping and throwing it on the playground was starting to show.
We needed a new one that night and picked one up at Wal Mart, it seemed OK but the exterior was a bit more rough than our previous bottles. Just after 2 weeks of use the bottom was starting to crack and the paint was chipping. We ordered a replacement for that bottle from the Owala website, thinking the quality may had been lower since it wasn't purchased from the website.

This bottle doesn't seem as rough so we were excited - the good Owala quality is back. But the lid broke within a few more weeks. We gave it another shot and ordered another bottle. This one just arrived and it is the same rough texturing.

We used to recommended this to anyone and everyone. I for sure cannot do that anymore. Very disappointed in the quality as the company expands.

Carter K.
Almost Perfect!

FreeSip beats Hydro Flask in almost every category. An excellent insulated steel water bottle. The only advantage Hydro Flask has is the ability to use the straw without spilling when holding the bottle sideways (i.e. hydrating in bed). The chug spout is a nice feature but I’d gladly trade it for a straw-only lid so I can sip while laying down. Owala does not sell a boot for the 40 oz. FreeSip yet but the diameter is the same as the 32 & 40 oz. Hydro Flask so boots designed for those bottles will also fit the 40 oz. FreeSip.

Tammy R.

I love my Owala free sip cup! They are the best!

Aaron G.


Glenda G.

Great for the gym or the golf course


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