7 Unique Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher with Owala bottle an a desk with books - Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week


Teacher Appreciation Week is here and wow, are they ever deserving of the appreciation. 

There are around four million teachers in the United States. Many of these teachers, feel unappreciated on some level. Although teachers have summers off from work, during the school year they typically work many more hours than you might realize. 

The school day doesn't start and end for teachers the same as it does for students. Most teachers spend extra time both before and after school to preparing their classrooms, lesson plans, and exams. They need time outside of class to grade papers, tests, and classwork. 

If you think that students have a lot of homework, just imagine all that a teacher does to prepare for, teach, and evaluate each and every student.

It takes a great deal of effort, passion, and dedication to be a teacher. That’s why it's important to take time out to appreciate the teachers you know and who impact the lives and learning of your kids. 

You can celebrate Teach Appreciation Day and Teacher Appreciation Week on the officially designated dates, and you can also get creative and celebrate teachers any day of the year.

Here are several teacher appreciation gifts to help celebrate the teachers you know and adore. 

1. An Insulated Water Bottle

Most teachers are held captive in their classrooms for the majority of the day. They’re not literally locked in, but they’re so busy that they may find it impossible to leave, even for a proper lunch break. And while teachers are devoted to caring for their students, they sometimes sacrifice the self-care they need.

Staying hydrated is one of the simplest and most important ways to stay healthy and feel good, and it’s easy to help your teacher stay on top of their hydration. Just gift them an insulated water bottle from Owala and they’ll have fresh, cold water on hand throughout the chaos of a busy school day. 

An Owala insulated water bottle will keep your teacher's beverage cold for up to 24 hours, without any condensation that could leave a ring on their desk. Each bottle contains an ergonomic carry loop to help Teacher stay hydrated from the classroom to the playground and everywhere in between. 

The FreeSip bottle, with its integrated straw and FreeSip spout, gives your teacher a choice between sipping a little and swigging a lot. It’s like multiple choice, but the answer is always right.

2. Critical School Supplies

A gift of school supplies is always welcome, as it helps teachers save money. Unfortunately, many schools don't provide adequate classroom supplies for their educators. Teachers often spend their personal money to transform empty rooms into fun, loving, and educational environments. 

Send a thoughtful note to your teacher asking for a list of school supplies they need for their classroom. Send a package full of these supplies, plus any additional supplies and surprise treats you think they might enjoy. 

Save money and expand your ability to buy more by shopping at a local discount or dollar store. You may be surprised by some of the unique items you’ll find.

3. Breakfast and Healthy Snacks

Teachers keep a busy schedule. School starts early and most teachers need to arrive before the bell rings to prepare for the day. They oftentimes stay at school late into the evening to grade papers and prepare their next lessons. 

There's a good chance your teacher doesn't have enough time to prepare breakfast each morning or eat a proper lunch during the day. Ensure they get plenty of good nutrition to fuel their amazing lessons by giving them gift cards to healthy restaurants, cafes, and smoothie shops. 

You can also have meals and snacks delivered right to the classroom door. Consider items that are delicious and nutritious that will last for an extended period of time inside a desk drawer. Mixed nuts, breakfast bars, and dried fruits are all great options. 

4. A Painted Thank-You Rock

A homemade thank-you card is always a thoughtful gift for a teacher, but cards are eventually discarded or packed away. Instead, try sending a thank-you message that your teacher will keep for a lifetime: a hand-painted thank-you a rock.

You may have seen painted rocks around your neighborhood. They're quite popular and super cool. All you need to do is find a smooth-surfaced rock that's large enough for the message you want to include. 

Your teacher can use the rock as a decoration or even as a practical paperweight on their desk—and each time they glance at it, they’ll be reminded how much you care.

5. A Themed Personalized Gift

Teachers love themes. Most teachers use themes in their classrooms throughout the school year. So when it comes to customized gifts, think of a theme your teacher will enjoy. 

A gift with a garden theme is a way of thanking the teacher for helping your little one grow. Get creative by packaging flower seeds and small gardening tools inside a flowerpot wrapped with a wide ribbon and a fresh-cut bloom. If your teacher has a favorite book or movie, create a themed basket with related items. Or, if your teacher is overworked, put together a spa set with a robe, slippers, and aromatic bath salts.

A personalized gift like one of these shows that you pay attention to the teacher’s interests and want them to have a gift they’ll truly love. 

6. Monthly Planners and Organizers

What teacher doesn't need a monthly planner and organizer? Teachers are always looking for ways to stay organized in the classroom. 

Monthly planners are great because they allow teachers to tackle lesson plans and projects one month at a time. They also provide plenty of space for teachers to keep track of multiple activities, due dates, events, meetings, and more. 

7. A Large Teacher Tote

There's no denying how much work a teacher does each day. Between books, worksheets, lesson plans, tests, homework, and classwork, it's not uncommon to see a teacher with an overflowing armload papers and books. To help relieve the stress of carrying so many items, consider giving them a large teacher tote. 

A large tote provides your teacher with the space they need to carry all of their belongings—including a new Owala water bottle!

Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week With These Teacher Appreciation Gifts 

It’s time to start planning your gifts for Teacher Appreciation Day and Teacher Appreciation Week. It’s time to celebrate your teacher and express your thanks for all they do. Choose a gift they'll use on a regular basis to honor them on the holiday and help them feel appreciated every day of the year.