Color Drop FAQ

What is this Color Drop you speak of?

We thought you’d never ask! The Color Drop is our series of special-edition colors.

If we had to guess, these Color Drops will sell out lightning fast. So if the idea of getting a one-of-a-kind color makes your heart skip a beat, don’t miss your chance to bring it home. 

I need. How will I know when they drop?

We love the enthusiasm. Don’t you worry—we’ll give you all the details before the drop happens. Sign up for our emails or follow us on social to stay in the loop. 

How many Color Drops will there be?

We don’t have an exact number for you, but just know that if you miss out on the first few, there will be more awesome colors coming your way. 

Will you still be releasing other colors?

Of course! If you couldn’t tell, we’re a little obsessed with color—and it seems like you guys are too. We’ll continue to release all kinds of seasonal colors, holiday colors, and just-because colors in larger quantities. 

Do Color Drops ever get discounted?

Color Drop products are excluded from any discounts. 

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