8 Benefits of Using a Clear Water Bottle

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Did you know that a recent study found that you should be drinking six cups of water every day? If you have trouble getting your recommended daily water intake, you should consider investing in a clear water bottle.

But exactly what are the benefits of using one? If you want to know the answer, you've come to the right place.

In this water bottle buying guide, we'll cover eight unique benefits that come with clear water bottles. We'll also go over some insider tips on choosing the best one for your needs—because you deserve only the best. Let's get started!

1. You Save Money

If you use a lot of types of single-use plastic bottles, you know that they can waste a lot of money. Even when you buy them in bulk, most of the time it comes out to roughly $1 per bottle. Stop pouring that money down the drain.

Here at Owala, our highly-rated FreeSip bottle only costs $15. That means that you only need to use it fifteen times before it pays for itself—which, if you drink the recommended amount of water every day, you’ll easily be able to do in less than a week.

Saving a few bucks every day might not sound like a big deal, but remember that every drop in the water canteen helps.

2. You Save the Planet

It shouldn't come as a surprise that using plastic water bottles isn't great for the planet. These disposable bottles rarely get recycled. Most of the time, they'll end up in a landfill, where they'll remain for thousands of years.

Single-use plastic bottles make up a huge percentage of the nearly 14.5 million tons of plastic that we use each year. If you use your clear water bottle every day, you can prevent a lot of non-reusable bottles from ending up in landfills.

It depends on how much you use it, but often it can amount to hundreds or even thousands of water bottles. So not only are you saving money, but you're also saving the environment. Pretty heroic, in our opinion.

3. It Makes Tracking Your Water Intake Easy

The many benefits that come from drinking the right amount of water are well documented. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep track of how much water you're getting throughout the day.

A clear water bottle makes this a lot easier. Here at Owala, our water bottles come in a clear size, whether you want a medium twenty-five-ounce or a large forty-ounce bottle.

This makes it easy to keep track of the water you drink throughout the day. With a twenty-five-ounce bottle, you would just need to drink it twice a day to get the recommended amount of water.

4. You Decide the Quality

Many people think that bottled water is superior in taste and quality. However, this often isn't the case. Most of the time, water bottle companies that use single-use plastic simply offer tap water that's been treated.

And if you live in an area with bad tap water, this could mean that there are potential contaminants in your water. Yikes.

With a clear water bottle that you can refill, you control the water that goes into your bottle. That means you can filter it and treat it the way you want. It’s bound to be the tastiest water you’ve tried yet.

5. Straws Add Convenience

Sure, having to unscrew your water bottle every time you take a sip isn't the end of the world. But it is a little annoying. And when you're doing it dozens of times a day, that annoying feeling can add up.

Luckily, water bottles here at Owala come with straws that are built in. That means you never have to unscrew anything to get a quick sip of water. Just flip up the top (on our Flip bottle) or press a button (on our FreeSip bottle) and the lid will pop right open. They’re so fun and easy to use, you’ll eagerly await your next sip.

6. They're Stylish

Believe it or not, clear water bottles can be quite fashionable. For one thing, they can come in cool colors that you can match with whatever outfit you're wearing that day.

If you purchase from a company like Owala, you also get bottles that have thoughtful, chic designs on them. You can’t say the same of those single-use plastic bottles. Most of them are pretty bland.

Last of all, a water bottle style can help with the image you present of yourself. When your friends and co-workers see you with a clear water bottle, it shows that you're committed to green values. And let’s be real… saving the planet is pretty cool.

7. No Chemical Intrusion

Some people think it's a good idea to reuse single-use plastic water bottles. Sadly, this isn't the case. That's thanks to the BPA found in most plastic bottles that people use.

When BPAs in the plastic are exposed to heat or used for a prolonged period, they can seep into the water.

This is a problem because BPAs are carcinogenic chemicals. With a clear water bottle, you won't have the threat of chemicals seeping into the water you're drinking. Phew.

8. Not Prone to Spills

This benefit isn't true of all clear water bottles. But when you purchase a product from Owala, you get a guarantee that it's completely leakproof.

That means no more unfortunate spills, even when you've screwed the lid on tight. The paperwork on your desk will thank you at the end of the day.

Ready to Enjoy Clear Water Bottle Benefits? Shop at Owala

We hope this article helped you learn more about the benefits of using a clear water bottle. Here at Owala, we like to think that we offer the cream of the crop when it comes to water delivery products—and we’re pretty sure we’re right—but don't take our word for it.

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