Which bottles will have backorders?

If your favorite Color Drop sold out in a flash (less than an hour), we’ll open up backorders immediately. That way you don’t miss out!

How long will it take to get my bottle?

They say all good things take time… and it’s true. Backorders will ship 10-12 weeks after your order date.

When do backorders start?

Every Color Drop after 4/30 could potentially have backorders—as long as it sells out in an hour. If it sells out after an hour, it’s gone for good… so be ready when it drops, just in case. 

When and how will orders be available for backorder?

Once we run out of bottles, backorders start immediately. The process is super simple: if you have a bottle in your cart that’s out of stock, remove it and go back to the Color Drop page. Then add the bottle to your cart to check out. Once the goods are secured, it’s time to bust out your best dance moves and celebrate.

How long will Color Drop backorders be open?

Bottles will be available until 10am the following day.. For example, if a bottle drops at 4/30 at 10am MT, and sells out within an hour, then it’ll be available for backorder until 5/1 at 10am MT. If you miss the backorder window, you’re out of luck. Don’t let that happen to you!

How do I buy a backordered Color Drop?

We’ve made it really easy. You buy backorders on the same page as the original product. The add-to-cart button will automatically change to "backorder" if the product sells out within an hour.

My cart says the bottle is sold out, but you said it would become available for backorder if it sold out quickly. How does that work?

Backordered products are ordered separately from the original in-stock product, so if the Color Drop you wanted sells out while in your cart, remove it and go back to the Color Drop page to add the backorder to your cart. Then you should be good to go.

Can I order other items with my backordered color drop?

Unfortunately, backorders don’t like to share the spotlight with anyone. They need their own separate order.

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