Freestyle Longboarding | Do more of what you love.

At Owala, we’re all about doing more of what you love. And for Chris Fletcher that means freestyle longboarding. Check out his story and his tricks with his friend Bryson Harvey below:

I've been skating since I was a little kid in elementary school. I saw all the skater guys and you know, I just wanted to go and skate you know. In high school I had this opportunity to make a longboard in my wood shop class. Me and my buddy we just started going at it, spending every day longboarding. We always had these dreams of like owning tons of boards, being one of those guys that everyone saw on the street and was inspiring to other people.

We had this awesome shredding day with Owala, my friend Bryson I told him to come and shred with me because we've been shredding since we were kids. We have this kind of connection with each other where we get on that same wavelength and the flow gets stronger. You egg each other on to push the tricks and you have a little competition with each other to see who can land something first. It's kind of like this feeling of freedom feeling. Like you don't think about it anymore after doing it all these years. 

Doing what you love, it builds community, it builds friendships, it opens up people's perspectives to see more than what they're comfortable with, and what they're familiar with. 

I'm Chris, get out and do more of what you love.