The Best Dog Bowl for Your Furry Bud

Person with an Owala bottle and a pet bowl and a dog

Over 48 million households in the United States include a dog—which is a stat we can get behind in a big way. Here at Owala, our dogs are some of our favorite family members!  

If there’s a special pup in your life, you know the drill. Without question, you go above and beyond to ensure your furry friend has everything they need. You pamper them with treats, bones, peanut butter on a spoon, belly rubs, and more on a daily basis. 

You take them to the dog park and watch them play, you let them swim in the pool on hot days, and yes, you let them snuggle in your bed—despite their heavy shedding. 

But how much thought have you given to their dog bowl? Have you ever considered that having the coolest of cool food and water bowl for your dog matters? 

Let’s have a heart to heart about the best bowls for dogs—then you’ll understand why the dog bowl you choose is kind of a big deal. 

Types of Dog Bowls 

There are so many types of dog bowls out there, for starters. You can choose between several dog bowl materials: stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, glass, and wood. There are elevated dog bowls, travel dog bowls, and even automatic dog bowls. 

What are the pros and cons of different dog bowls? Let’s take a look so you can be well informed when choosing the best food and water bowl for your dog. 

Stainless-Steel Dog Bowls 

Stainless-steel bowls are hands down the most durable dog bowls available. They’ll survive aggressive eating, being pushed around the floor, and whatever bumps, bangs, and drops your dog can muster. 

Not only are stainless-steel dog bowls durable, they’re also dishwasher safe, so you don't have to worry about handwashing your dog’s dish (which, frankly, gets kind of gross). They’re also rust resistant, which is important for keeping fresh water available for Fido. 

Consider stainless steel to be the best, foolproof option for a long-lasting, hygienic dog bowl. 

And here’s the great news: While most stainless-steel dog bowls have a boring metallic finish, the Owala Pet Bowl comes in plenty of colors. You can choose black, pink, aqua, indigo, or white—whatever color is the best match for your pup’s personality (and, of course, your kitchen décor). 

Plastic Dog Bowls 

Plastic dog bowls are pretty inexpensive—but don’t let the low-price tag lull you into complacency. The fact is, they can actually pose a hazard to your pet. Plastic bowls are easily damaged, and when they get indentations or cracks, bacteria can grow. Would you want your best friend eating from a bacteria-laden bowl? We didn’t think so. 

You should also be aware that many plastic dog bowls are not BPA free—meaning they may contain toxic chemicals that can seep into your dog's water. Yuck! 

Ceramic and Glass Dog Bowls 

Ceramic and glass dog bowls sure look sleek, and they are easy to clean. But let’s face the facts—dogs are not typically delicate creatures when it comes to wolfing down breakfast or dinner. 

Ceramic and glass bowls can become cracked or chipped, which once again creates a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Wooden Dog Bowls 

When it comes to wooden dog bowls, we have just one word: stick. That should be enough to tell you how short-lived this type of bowl will be! 

Dog Bowl Tips 

When shopping for a dog bowl, there are a few factors in addition to materials to consider. Here are a handful of tips to keep in mind. 

Size Matters 

Be sure to select an appropriate-sized dog bowl for your pup. For example, a Great Dane will struggle to eat and drink from a 12-ounce bowl—instead, get them the 48-ounce Owala Pet Bowl. Likewise, a smaller dog will be more comfortable with a smaller dog bowl 

Skid-Free Rim 

Non-slip rims are a must when it comes to food and water bowls for your dog. For one, this will ensure that the dog bowl stays put while your dog eats and drinks. Not only will Lucky have an easier time lapping up those treats, but also the non-slip base will help prevent accidental tips and spills. 

Additionally, a dog bowl with a non-skid rim will also put an end to the annoying noise of the bowl being pushed around the kitchen floor. (You can thank us later.) 

To Elevate or Not? 

Elevation can be helpful for your dog if they are larger (and therefore further from the ground) or if they are older and seem uncomfortable reaching a non-elevated dish. An elevated dog bowl can also help with their digestion.  

If you want to elevate your dog’s bowls, you can easily purchase a raised holder where the dog dishes you and your dog prefer slide right in.  

What’s the Best Dog Bowl? 

Now that you understand the ins and outs of dog bowls, you may be rethinking your current dog bowl and ready to shop for an upgrade. Your pup deserves it, right? 

And that’s where we come in. From the premium stainless-steel material to the non-slip base and the awesome color selection, the Owala Pet Bowl truly has it all. 

Think of it as a way of saying thanks to your dog for all that unconditional love.