The Best Employee Appreciation Gift!

Employee appreciation can be pretty powerful stuff. It boosts employee morale, cranks up productivity, creates a positive work environment, and increases loyalty. A great way to show appreciation to your employees is through employee appreciation gifts. When it comes to employee appreciation gifts, the Owala Freesip is your go-to gift. Want to know why it’s the absolute best? We’ve got you. Buckle up while we dive into why gifting is the perfect way to show your employees how much you care and how Owala’s corporate gifting service makes it seamless to create customizable employee appreciation gifts.

Why employee appreciation gifts matter

If you want a thriving, happy workplace, employee appreciation gifts are the way to go. If you’ve ever worked a thankless job before, it can be really draining on your morale and overall energy. When companies recognize employees for their hard work, dedication, and unique talents they bring to the table, it can transform an ordinary workplace into an extraordinary one—full of positive energy and powerful motivation. They’re basically like a high five with pretty packaging. 

Employee appreciation gifts come in packages both big and small—from small tokens of appreciation to grand gestures. The most important thing is to make sure the gift is considerate (not just something that will advertise your company, but something that’s useful and employees will really value) and shows that you recognize your employees' hard work and dedication. 

Why the Owala Freesip is the perfect employee appreciation gift

The Owala Freesip is the ultimate employee appreciation gift for numerous reasons. First, it's basically a superhero in disguiseIt's a reusable water bottle that can be used every day, making it a gift that your employees will appreciate and use regularly. It's also eco-friendly, reducing the use of disposable plastic bottles. By giving your employees an Owala Freesip, you're not only showing appreciation for them, but also the planet. 

Second, the Owala Freesip is stylish. With bright colors and a sleek design, it’s basically a statement piece that you can carry everywhere… which, by the way, is also easy to do thanks to its easy-to-carry handle. Whether you pick colors that match your company colors or ones that your employees can pick to suit their personality, your employees will love how fashionable and functionable the Owala FreeSip is. 

Finally, you can customize the Owala Freesip. You can choose to add your company’s logo or design, making the Owala FreeSip even more unique. Owala's corporate gifting service makes bulk ordering super easy, along with providing tracking information. So what are you waiting for? Get your employees a personalized gift! Here’s how…

Using Owala's corporate gifting service

With Owala's corporate gifting service, ordering and customizing employee appreciation gifts is a piece of cake. The website is simple to use and selecting your customization preferences takes seconds. With our bulk ordering. Need a hand? We’re here to help you through every step of the process. 

Pro tip: Plan ahead if you need to order employee appreciation gifts! You want to have enough time to customize and get gifts before your event—because there could always be unexpected shipping delays for weather, holidays, etc. To make sure your gifts arrive on time, use Owala's tracking options to keep track of your order's progress. 

Employee appreciation gifts simple, effective, and awesome way to show your employees that you value them. But if you really want to level up your gifts, go with the Owala Freesip. It’s the perfect employee appreciation gift, as it's practical, stylish, and customizable. By using Owala's corporate gifting service, you can easily order and customize your employee appreciation gifts, making the process an absolute breeze. Give your employees the gift of an Owala Freesip, and show them that you appreciate their hard work.