The Ultimate Bodyguard for Your Beloved Owala Freesip

Here at Owala, we know how much you love your Owala Freesip water bottle (and honestly, same). It's a reliable companion that keeps you hydrated throughout the day, while also looking cool as all get out. That's why we've created the Owala Bottle Boot—the ultimate accessory designed to protect your FreeSip bottle at all costs. Did we mention it’s also really stylish? Let’s dive into the awesome features and benefits of the Owala Bottle Boot, and why it's an absolute must-have for every proud owner of an Owala Freesip.


1. Unparalleled protection

Let’s just say this bodyguard isn’t messing around. Made from the toughest silicone known to water bottle kind, this boot is all about protection. Which means you can say goodbye to dents and scratches caused by those accidental “oops” moments (hey, it happens to us all) and hello to peace of mind. So when we say it’s a game-changer, we really mean it. After all, who doesn’t want their precious Freesip to stay in pristine condition? Everyone. Literally everyone.


2. Built to last

We believe bottles should be tough stuff. We believe in crafting products that stand the test of time, and the Owala Bottle Boot is no exception. Meticulously engineered from premium silicone material, it boasts exceptional strength and resilience, built to endure the rigors of everyday life. Rest assured that your Owala Freesip will be enveloped in unwavering protection, ready to accompany you on countless journeys, no matter how arduous they may be.


3. Make a stylish statement

Who says protection can't be stylish? The Owala Bottle Boot not only keeps your bottle safe but also brings some serious fashion game. From bold and bright to subtle and sophisticated, there's a Boot that matches your personality and adds an extra dose of swag to your hydration routine. It's like having your very own fashion-forward superhero for your bottle (other heroes are quaking in their capes).


4. Easy clean

No, we’re not messin’ around. We know dirt happens, which is why we made the Owala Bottle Boot a breeze to clean and maintain. The silicone material effortlessly repels stains and odors, and a quick wipe down or a rinse under the tap is all it takes to make it good as new. Feeling lazy? We feel you. That’s why the Owala Bottle Boot is dishwasher-safe—just toss it in and go back to what you were doing, like scrolling your phone.


5. Made for each other

The Owala Bottle Boot was made for your FreeSip. It hugs your bottle like it’s the last time they’ll ever see each other—and unlike Rose, it’ll never let go. Thanks to its snug fit, you don’t have to worry about wobbly bottle dances or it slipping off surfaces. The Boot and your bottle are the dynamic duo the world has been waiting for, but the good news is that you don’t have to wait another second. This ingenious invention is ready to be your bottle’s new best friend and your lifesaver.