The Viral TikTok Water Bottle You 100% Need

Girl walking and smiling and holding an Owala water bottle

POV: Your current water bottle isn’t cutting it. 

Enter Owala. The TikTok water bottle everyone’s been talking about. This viral bottle has been lovingly nicknamed an “emotional support water bottle.” Why? Because it’ll be there to support you through everything, whether you’re trying to make it through a hike your friend convinced you would be “easy,” rewatching your favorite comfort show, or listening to a new Taylor Swift album (and experiencing all the feels). 

But besides being dependable, what makes Owala bottles the best out there? If it hasn’t come up in your #fyp (for you page), we’ll let you in on why it’s trending. 

A magic straw. 

The FreeSip has a two-way straw that gives you the best of both worlds. If you’re Team Swig, just tilt the water bottle back and start chugging. If you’re Team Sip, just suck on the straw and satisfy your thirst. Or if you root for both teams, you can alternate between the two. With the FreeSip spout, you always have options. 

Push-button top. 

Opening a water bottle has never been easier. Just press a button and the lid pops open. When you’re done drinking, just push it down until it clicks. It’s so fun to use, you’ll want to open it again and again. It’s like a fidget spinner that keeps you hydrated. 

Stays cold 24 hours. 

Because nothing’s worse than drinking warm water. Yuck. This TikTok water bottle has insulated walls that keep your water nice and chilly so that each sip is ultra refreshing. 

Includes a carry loop. 

Got your hands full? We get it. Just loop your fingers through the handle and now you’ve got more room to carry your keys, dog leash, or a slice of pizza (definitely a slice of pizza). 

Leak free. 

Like a good friend, the FreeSip will never spill your secrets—or in this case, your water. Even if it gets knocked over, your kitchen counter, pants, or bag are completely safe. The Owala FreeSip stays sealed and keeps you out of the splash zone. 

Bright colors. 

No boring bottles for you. This TikTok water bottle comes in all kinds of colorways that show off your unique personality and style. We even offer super cool, limited-edition Color Drop bottles that sell out in minutes (no joke). But hey, if you like more neutral tones, we have those too. Versatility is kind of our thing. 

Ready to change your life and up your hydration? Purchase now on the Owala website