This or That: Which water bottle size is best for me?

Owala water bottle held by a student outside locker at school listening to music

Or our alternative title: Matchmaking, but make it water bottles. 

So we heard you need a water bottle. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place—we’ve got bottles galore. Maybe you’ve even found the one you want, like our FreeSip water bottle that has a magic two-way straw, our Flip bottle with its easy-to-use straw, or our FreeSip Twist water bottle that opens and shuts so easily, you’ll think it’s magic (it’s actually just because it has a quick ½ turn… but we’ll let you believe what you want). If you haven’t narrowed down which bottle type you want yet, check out our other post. But if you’re lost on which size you should get, let us be your guide. 

Try these on for size. 

We believe all sizes are beautiful, but that probably doesn’t help you pick your perfect match. Luckily, we have a handy little system that might narrow it down for you. Here’s a breakdown of what’s great about each of our sizes.

40 oz

Our biggest and baddest size. You’ve been warned. 

  • Designed for those intense gym sessions, the Great Outdoors, and long work days.
  • If refilling your bottle feels tedious, this one will keep you covered for hours.
  • Can transport it with our carry loop or gently cradle it with two hands. 
  • It’s hefty and a little heavy when filled, but consider the muscle-building potential it offers.
  • Greatness like this can’t be contained, so cup holders are impractical. However, it's perfectly content riding shotgun in your backpack or gym bag. 

32 oz

A hydration heavyweight that’ll have you cheering because our 32 oz water bottle is king.

  • Less refilling. That means more time sitting back and relaxing.
  • Great for days at the park, hikes, and camping trips. 
  • Much less refilling to stay hydrated!
  • May involve more hand holding, but who's gonna complain?
  • Won’t fit in most car’s cup holders. However, with our no-leak lids, putting it in a bag is just as great of an option. 

24 oz

Like the middle child… except it’s far too awesome to be forgotten. 

  • Less refilling. That means more time to unwind and relax.
  • Most people can hold it with one hand while taking sips. 
  • It fits seamlessly into car cup holders, making it a pretty great trip buddy. 
  • Many of our fans say it’s not too big and not too small. A true Goldilocks among bottles.

19 oz

It may be the smallest of the bunch, but it still packs a punch. 

  • Can be stowed in a purse or small bag
  • If you’ve got smaller hands, it’s easier to hold.
  • A great option for your older kids. 
  • If you want to stay hydrated (hint: you do), remember to refill this often.  

    We love playing matchmaker, so hopefully this list helped you find “the one.” Ready to bring it home to meet your mother? Buy yours here.