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Owala products are protected by numerous U.S. and foreign patents. One or more of the following patents may apply to our products, and other U.S. and foreign patent applications are pending. If you have questions regarding our products, patents or other intellectual property, please contact us here.

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ZA 2012/06884



The following is a non-exhaustive list of Owala owned or licensed trademarks and registered trademarks. Owala’s registered trademarks are registered internationally.  For additional information, please contact us here.


Batter Mixer Design

BlenderBall Design

BlenderBall Logo


BlenderBottle Lid Design

BlenderBottle Logo


Classic Design

Dressing Shaker Design

Egg Mixer Design


GoStak Design


Grab It. Fill It. Go With It.™


If it mixed any better, you’d have to plug it in.™

Mix it Smooth – Anytime, Anywhere™

Mix it Smooth™

Mix it Up™


ProStak Design


Shake it Up™



SportMixer Design

SportMixer Sleek Design



Stack it Up™


StayOpen™ Flip Top

The Ultimate All-in-One Shaker Cup™

The Water Bottle Re/Mixed™

The Water Bottle that Mixes™

The World’s Best-Selling Shaker Cup™

Tired of sifting lumps through your teeth?™

Twist n’ Lock™

Whiskware Logo