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What to expect come party time.

March 16th is our birthday, and you’re all invited. To celebrate, we’re playing a giant game of hide-n-seek on our website. We’re going to hide gift icons (similar to “🎁”) throughout our website. Once you find one, click on it to see if there are bottles inside. If there aren’t, the icon will turn grey and you’ll have to keep looking. If there are, a pop-up form will appear. Fill out the form and choose your FREE 19-oz. FreeSip bottle (including FREE SHIPPING). Easy peasy. 

The game will begin at a secret time, BUT we'll announce that time two-ish hours in advance via email and social media. So, follow us if you want to maximize your chances 😉.

And because we like you so much, we’re running a BOGO sale immediately after the free bottles are claimed, while supplies last. 

10k Bottle Giveaway Rules

Obviously we can’t allow the entire world to run rampant on our website looking for free bottles without any rules in place. So, here’s what you need to know:

1. First come, first served.

2. Limit one free bottle per customer. 

3. U.S. addresses only. (Lo siento, Pardon,  Entschuldigung.) 

4. While supplies last.

5. The BOGO sale will go live immediately and last until midnight MST or until all deals have been claimed.

Anticipated 😉 FAQs

Is this real?

You bet your bottom dollar it is. If you are one of the first 10,000 people to click on a live gift icon and completely fill out the form, your 19 oz. FreeSip is FREE (yes, including shipping). We won’t even ask for your credit card—that’s how free it is.

Is this really real?

Very much so. Just ask the 5,000 lucky people who got one last year

If I find and click the same 🎁  icon as someone else can we both win?

Hopefully! If you see a colored icon, that means there MAY be bottles left in it. Click it right away to see. If there are, a form will appear. Fill it out and the bottle’s yours! If you just missed it, the gift icon will grey out, and you’ll have to keep looking.

How long do I have to claim my FREE bottle once I click a 🎁 and get the pop-up form?

You will have 3 minutes to complete the form and choose a bottle. (Don’t worry, 3 minutes should be plenty of time—we’re not even asking for a credit card 😎).

How can I increase my chances of finding a FREE bottle?

1. Sign up for emails at the top of this page

2. Follow us on all social channels and turn on your notifications





3. The day of the party, get to at least 5 minutes before go-time. The site will be locked. Don’t panic, we have the key.

4. Once the timer hits zero, the site will open and the race begins!

5. We recommend using a desktop browser with fast internet for the best experience. (3G isn’t gonna cut it here.)

Can I get more than one bottle during the free-for-all?

Nope, only one 19-oz. FreeSip bottle per winning customer. But we’re keeping the party going with a BOGO sale right afterward and it applies to all products! So if you want more than one bottle or a different size, wait for the BOGO sale and shop ‘til you drop.

What if your site crashes?

It probably will. Last year, we were assured by our hosting provider that our site wouldn’t crash. Aaaaaaand…it still did. We’ve beefed up our resources in a big way this year and made many changes to help things go smoother, but let’s be honest—it’ll probably still crash. If it does, hold tight! It should come back up within a few minutes. Free Owala bottles are worth it.

I bought a bottle the day before the party, can I get refunded?

Nope. This party favor is exclusive to the 10k free bottles. BUT, you can still get a second (or third or tenth) bottle for free during the giveaway. More Owala = better.

When will I receive my free bottle?

We’ll get them out as soon as possible, but this is a big party. Expect 15+ business days. (Slow, but free!)

Can I change my FREE bottle order after it’s been placed?

Nope. The moment you score a free bottle, your order is sent to processing. (We’re working hard and fast on our birthday—just for you).

What if I have other questions?

Go buy a Magic 8 Ball. Or message us directly.