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We’re so excited 🤓🤗🥳


We’re dropping all 10 of these beauties today at 10am MT. Given the incredible demand, we decided to raffle off the chance to buy them—hopefully you got your entries in because the raffle is now closed. Winners will be notified via email today between 10am-12pm (noon) MT so keep an eye on that email! 


Also, don’t forget our biggest sale of the year (25% off) starts at today 10am MT. Note: the 25% off discount does not apply to the birthday-bash bottles.


All giveaways and raffles for birthday bash bottles are now closed. Winners for giveaways have been notified via TikTok or Instagram and raffle winners will be notified via email.

What is Birthday Bash?

Only the best party you’ll ever attend. To celebrate Owala turning THREE, we’re hosting a three-day long celebration full of discounts, new bottles, and yes—giveaways.

What are you doing for Birthday Bash this year?

1. Our biggest sale of the year: 25% off sitewide (except for the special-edition bottles) from March 16-18th

2. 10 special-edition bottles: Yep—10 of ‘em. But we’re mixing things up this year: instead of the speed-shopping model, we’re running a raffle for each of these bottles. For a chance to buy one, you’ll need to sign up for each color you’re interested in on this page (above).

3. Giveaways: We’ll also give away a handful of each of the 10 new special-edition colors. So follow us on Tiktok and Instagram for a chance to win. 

What kinds of giveaways are you doing?

All giveaways will be run on the official Owala TikTok and Instagram pages. Details for each giveaway will be released closer to the party. See the scheduled dates for each giveaway below:

Saturday, March 11th: Sundae Fundae (IG) & Piece of Cake (TikTok)

Sunday, March 12th: Champagne (IG) & Golden Birthday (TikTok)

Monday, March 13th: It’s Sherbet Day (TikTok) & Mint to Be (IG)

Tuesday, March 14th: Sky’s the Limit (TikTok) & Party Punch (IG)

Wednesday, March 15th: Literally Glows (TikTok) & It’s Yo Birthday (IG)

How “limited” is each bottle?

That varies by bottle. For a chance to buy one, you’ll need to enter the raffle above.

How long will the sale run?

We can’t contain all the birthday fun in one day, so we decided to make the sale last three whole days (3/16-3/18) or while supplies last. Subscribe to our email list for details and dates.

Do I need a code to get 25% off?

Nope. To make shopping easy peasy, the discount will be automatically applied in your cart.

Will the new bottles be 25% off as well?

Nope, 25% off sitewide (except for the special-edition bottles) from March 16-18th.

How do I enter the giveaways?

Specific details will be shared via our TikTok and Instagram pages closer to March 16th, but we can tell you that you’ll need to follow us on both platforms to qualify. Friends help friends, so here’s a shortcut to our Instagram and TikTok.

Can I buy all of the bottles?

We really wish you could, but in order to “spread the love” this year, we have opted to move to a raffle system for each bottle. Technically it’s possible to win the raffle for all ten bottles—not likely, but possible.

Will you bring any of these bottles back?

It's unlikely. But never say never.... These bottles are made for this special occasion only. But if you miss out, don’t be too sad—we always have exciting new designs up our sleeve.

How well does the glow in the dark bottle actually glow?

Let’s just say if you have a night light, you probably won’t need it anymore. (Well, at least for a few minutes.)

Do these bottles require special care?

While most of our bottles are dishwasher safe, we strongly recommend hand washing them to preserve the finish. HOWEVER, Literally Glows and Champagne are the exception to the rule and must be hand washed—otherwise it will completely ruin the finish. Our lids are all dishwasher safe.

If I win a raffle entry and successfully purchase a Birthday Bash bottle, when will it land at my door?

We expect a LOT of shopping during Birthday Bash. While our shipping department will work like crazy to get these orders out (major shout out to them), we expect it to take 3-5 days to fulfill and another 3-5 days for transit.

How will I know if I win one of the raffles?

We’ll notify you via email on March 16th between 10am-12pm (noon) Mountain Time. Make sure to mark “Owala” as one of your friends in your email account so the notification doesn’t go to spam. The email will give a specific time allotted for your purchase. If you don't purchase during that window, we'll give the chance to someone else. So keep a close eye on your email.

How will I know if I win one of the giveaways?

We’ll DM the winners on TikTok or Instagram to notify them that they’ve won. If you don’t get a message, don’t give up! Maybe you’ll win the next one. 

What if I don’t have a TikTok or Instagram?

It’s never too late to create an account! You can always ditch it later. But if you really don’t want to use social, no problem. Just enter the raffle on our website for a chance to purchase a Birthday Bash bottle.

What are the terms and conditions for the giveaways?

Our lawyers worked really hard on these, so we’re stoked that someone wants to read them. Here they are.

How can I make sure I get the bottle I want?

Nothing in life is guaranteed, but for a chance to purchase a Birthday Bash bottle, you’ll need to enter the raffle for each bottle you’re interested in. For a chance to win a free one, you’ll need to enter the giveaway on TikTok and/or Instagram.

Does entering more than one raffle lessen my chances of winning?

Entering the raffle for more than one bottle does not lessen your chances of winning. But remember: you can only purchase ONE bottle each of whichever raffle(s) you win.

Can I enter multiple times?

If you enter multiple times only your latest entry will be recorded. NOTE: If you forgot to add a color you liked, you will need to “favorite” every bottle you’re interested in again—not just the one you left out.

What’s the difference between the giveaway and raffle?

The raffle, hosted on our website, provides a chance to purchase a bottle. The giveaways, hosted on our TikTok and Instagram accounts, give you a chance to win a free bottle. You will need to enter the raffle and giveaways separately.