Owala® Color of the Season Adiós Winter FreeSip water bottle

Color of the Season

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Exclusively for people who really, really like water bottles.

Once every three months, our best designers create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece — a limited edition water bottle that can stop traffic. But here's the catch; when they're gone, they're gone. Like the Dodo. Or Rebecca Black.

The only way to get one of these gems is to hopefully nab one before they're gone OR join our Color of the Season Club. As an exclusive member of this exclusive club, we'll ship you a limited edition bottle every three months, so you'll never miss out.

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Meet our COTS bottle.


That’s Spanish for “Goodbye Winter.” Let’s be honest, sometimes Winter hangs around a biiiiiit longer than we care for. No need to fear, “Adios Winter” is bright enough to get you excited for spring, but grounded enough to keep it classy for the winter.

Owala Color of the Season Adiós Winter FreeSip water bottle 2-in-1 spout

I have the patented FreeSip® spout.

I have the patented FreeSip® spout.

Centuries ago they would’ve called it magic, today we call it science. Whatever you call it, you’re going to love how my FreeSip® straw makes it possible to drink in one of two different ways.

Hold me upright to sip through the built-in straw. Or when you’re feeling extra parched tip me up and chug through the wide-mouth opening. Sip or swig. The choice is yours.

Owala Color of the Season Adiós Winter FreeSip water bottle flip-top lid

I have a flip-top lid.

I have a flip-top lid.

The average person unscrews their bottle top an average of 869 times a day. Ok, we made that up. Either way, it gets tedious.

With the flip-top lid, you simply press the button and this bottle springs open ready for action. Also, it stays cleaner because you’re not getting all handsy with it every time you open it. 

Owala Color of the Season Adiós Winter FreeSip water bottle leak-proof

I'm leak proof.

I'm leak proof.

Some things in life should always be leak proof. Roofs. Water bottles. Life rafts. Definitely life rafts. This bottle is designed to keep liquids inside—where they belong. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews

After being stuck on Yeti for years although I still love their products- it’s so nice knowing there is another water bottle (which I love EVEN more) that keeps my water AND ice cold all day!! Can’t wait to see what the next color of the month is! So thankful for the medical workers discount- it certainly has been a godsend when you are working long shifts!

Love it!!

I adores these colors as well as the sturdiness of the bottle! The only thing that would make it better is if they carried them in the larger size as well!

great bottle BUT....

I love my bottle but my straw got destroyed and there is no options for getting another lid or straw and I have not been able to find another straw that will work with my lid and bottle. Very disappointed. reached out to customer service and no response from them.


I love the free sip. I purchased six for Christmas gifts and I have two for myself. I couldn’t believe I still had ice in it after 24 hours. My iced tea was so cold yet not cold to hold it. I love the colors. My favorite are the blue one and the raspberry one. I highly recommend this cup. I have the largest ones.

Never buy again

I received the bottle and it leaked the first time I used it. I co tacked them and they never made it right. Money for nothing

Hi Molly,

We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our Support Team would be happy to continue to work with you to resolve this issue.


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