Stay Cool and Hydrated: The Benefits of Drinking Cold Water


women holding a green water bottle at a park

Why Cold Water?

When it comes to hydration, the temperature of your water can make all the difference. After all, who likes warm water? (No one.) Cold water doesn't just quench your thirst—it completely refreshes you. You know when it’s a scorching hot day, you're parched, and then bam, that icy sip hits your lips? Instant bliss. But it goes way beyond that! Cold water has some cool (pun intended) physiological perks. Research shows that cold water can give your metabolism a little kickstart, helping you burn a few extra calories as your body warms it up. Hello, bonus workout. Plus, it’s a pro at keeping you from overheating and helping to boost your performance during intense workouts or hot summer days. Here at Owala, we’re all about maximizing your hydration game with our innovative products like the 40 oz Tumbler and FreeSip water bottle. These hydration heroes keep your H2O icy cold for hours so you can conquer the heat in style. Cheers to staying cool and hydrated!

Is Room Temperature Water Better for You

Time to settle this once and for all: is room temperature water actually better? Some folks swear it's easier on your stomach and great for digestion. Sure, if you’ve got sensitive teeth or a delicate digestive system, room temp water might be your BFF. But don't be fooled by myths! Both cold and room temperature water are equally effective at keeping you hydrated. It really comes down to what feels best for you. Some say cold water gives them headaches, while others find it more refreshing and satisfying. Bottom line? Listen to your body and drink what makes you feel good.

Benefits of Drinking Cold Water

Drinking cold water offers numerous benefits that enhance both physical and mental well-being. It helps regulate body temperature, making it particularly effective in preventing heat-related illnesses and maintaining performance during intense workouts or hot weather. Cold water also gives your metabolism a slight boost, as your body expends energy to warm it up, aiding in weight management. Additionally, the refreshing nature of cold water can increase overall water intake, keeping you better hydrated throughout the day. This can lead to improved mental alertness, faster recovery after exercise, and a general feeling of rejuvenation. Embracing cold water as part of your daily routine can contribute significantly to your overall health and vitality.

Hydration and Body Temperature Regulation

Cooling Effect on the Body

Let’s get into the benefits of drinking cold water. When it comes to staying cool during physical activities, cold water is like your own personal AC. Cold water quickly absorbs heat from your body, reducing the risk of overheating and avoiding heat exhaustion. Studies have shown that cold water is particularly effective at keeping up your performance during intense activities. Whether you’re an athlete pushing your limits or someone who loves the great outdoors, Owala's 40 oz Tumbler and FreeSip water bottle are the ultimate way to stay hydrated and keep your water totally chill—no matter the environment.

Preventing Heat-Related Illnesses

Because heatstroke isn’t cool. Rapid temperature regulation from drinking cold water helps your body stay balanced even in the hottest conditions. This is especially important to remember if you live in a desert or other hot climate. Hydrating with cold water helps you stay comfortable, safe, and effectively ward off those nasty heat-related issues. So whether you’re sprinting through your morning run or basking in the summer sun, keep your water bottle glued to your side. Doctor’s orders.

Enhanced Mental Alertness and Performance

Feeling sluggish lately? Lack of water might just be the culprit. A sip of crisp, chilled water zaps your brain awake like a lightning bolt of focus and clarity. Studies even say so. If you want to turbocharge your cognitive function and smash through that to-do list. A sip of cold water from an Owala FreeSip can help you stay sharp and productive.

Metabolism and Weight Management

Wanting to shed some extra pounds? Working out isn’t the only solution—you can also trick your body into burning a few extra calories on its own. Each sip of chilled water subtly revs up your metabolism as your body works harder to bring it up to temperature. It's like a mini workout for your insides! While it’s not instant or a miracle, this thermogenic boost over time could be the game-changer to managing weight. Every little bit counts! Pair it up with a balanced diet and regular exercise, and you've got yourself a winning combo.

Improved Exercise Performance

Hydration during physical activity

Ever forgot your water bottle during a workout? The worst. Staying hydrated during exercise is crucial to performance and recovery. Cold water not only quenches thirst effectively but also helps regulate core body temperature, reducing the strain on the cardiovascular system. Owala's 40 oz tumbler and FreeSip water bottle are crafted to be as tough as you are and keep up with your daily activities. With us, hydration has never looked so cool (literally).

Faster Recovery After Exercise

Feeling absolutely beat after your workout? You can accelerate post-exercise recovery with cold water, which helps reduce inflammation and muscle soreness faster than you can say “leg day.” Also ice water benefits your body by replenishing lost fluids and electrolytes so you can bounce back faster. Owala's commitment to innovating the water you drink and enjoy water ensures that athletes and fitness enthusiasts (and hey, even casual hikers) can conveniently access chilled water to support their recovery journeys.

Helps Up Your Water Intake

The appeal of cold water goes beyond temperature—the satisfying feeling it gives makes you more motivated to drink more water throughout the day. Studies suggest that people consume more water when it's chilled, making it easier to meet daily hydration goals. Which is why Owala products, like the 40 oz tumbler and FreeSip water bottle, have seriously strong insulation to keep your drinks just as cold as when you poured them.

Is Cold Water Bad For You? Potential Downsides to Consider

When cold water might not be the best…

While drinking cold water benefits your body in many ways, it may not be right for everyone in every situation. If it completely throws off your digestion or causes a headache, by all means avoid it. You’ve got to listen to your body and choose the water temperature that best fits your needs and preferences. Whether you want room temp water or something a little chillier, Owala has your back.

Myths and Facts

Have you ever wondered if drinking cold water is bad for you? Addressing common misconceptions, such as whether cold water dehydrates or is less hydrating than room temperature water, helps us weed out the truth. Cold water does not inherently dehydrate— it contributes to hydration like any other temperature of water. So if you’ve been worried about that, worry no more! Owala encourages informed hydration choices so that individuals can enjoy the benefits of cold water without stress.


Cold water isn't just about quenching your thirst—it's a game-changer for your health and performance. From boosting metabolism and enhancing mental alertness to preventing heat-related illnesses and supporting weight management, its pluses are undeniable. Whether you're pushing your limits in a workout or tackling a busy day, Owala's innovative products like the 40 oz Tumbler and FreeSip water bottle keep you hydrated and refreshed throughout. Embrace the power of cold water with Owala, where every sip keeps you cool, focused, and ready to conquer the day.

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