Cute Water Bottles and Where to Find Them

Two women holding Owala bottles

Americans purchase about  50 billion water bottles annually, proving that water is one of the most popular drinks to have readily available (after all, is there anything more refreshing than a cold sip of water?). If you haven’t hopped on board the water bottle train, it's time for you to join!

Bottles are an incredibly easy and efficient way to consume water. Plastic water bottles put hydration at your fingertips, but recyclable water bottles also help you save money while staying healthy. But if you’re going to buy one, nobody wants a boring, dull water bottle. If you look in the right places, you’ll be able to find one that fits your style and personality!

Are you looking for the best water bottle for you? Are you wondering where you can find a cute water bottle? Look no further, because we've got a complete guide for you!

Why Should You Get a Cute Water Bottle?

There are a ton of reasons why you should get a water bottle, but the most important factor is the obvious health benefits. Having a water bottle ensures you're flushing out your system constantly and preventing dehydration—and let’s be real… dehydration is totally uncool.

If you’ve been to the doctor’s office, you may have seen infographics about the importance of water. Proper hydration helps your body function properly  and maintain stable energy levels—so you can beat your friends at pickleball or crush that workout at the gym. Having a water bottle on hand ensures water is readily available so you always start the day off on the right foot!

But this isn’t the only benefit—here are a few more advantages to owning a cute water bottle:

1. Recyclable Material

Most water bottles are reusable, which means you don't have to worry about wasting plastic. Eco-friendly products are a must in 2022. Not only that, but consuming the BPA (bisphenol A) in plastic can result in imbalanced hormones and reproductive issues. Scary stuff. Stay far away from products that aren’t BPA-free. 

Water bottles are usually made of stainless steel, glass, or aluminum. All of these are recyclable, safe, and not to mention… they make pretty perfect cute water bottle options, depending on what your preference is for looks.

2. Convenient Hydration

Ever been on a hike and ran out of water? Or been forced to run against your will (we’re looking at you, laps during middle-school PE). Point is… you never know when you'll be thirsty, and that's why water bottles can be your saving grace. Water bottles make hydration easy and convenient no matter where you are. Depending on the material, your bottle can keep your drinks  cold or hot almost the entire day!

3. Fun to Use

Admit it, having a cute water bottle makes quenching your thirst way more fun Whether that means it has a nice design or it comes in all your favorite colors, an aesthetically pleasing water bottle means you'll carry and use the bottle more. It’s just science. Plus, you'll stay  healthy and look stylish!

How to Choose the Best Water Bottle

It isn't easy to choose the best water bottle when there are so many options. Your options depend on what exactly you're using the bottle for. For example, some people use a water bottle for workouts, while others may use it to sip on throughout the work day.

Take a look at all the factors you should consider before buying a water bottle:

1. Durability

A single-use plastic water bottle crumbles (or should we say, crunches) under pressure, but a stainless steel water bottle will not (though you probably don’t want to go around dropping it just for fun). Your water bottle's durability depends on  how long it lasts without breaking, denting, or scratching. Since most people carry water bottles around every day, this is an important factor.It’d be really disappointing to buy a water bottle that only lasts a few weeks—or even a few months. 

Stainless steel is the sturdiest material. While aluminum bottles are sturdy as well, they can result in your water tasting like metal, which may not be your favorite flavor. Last of all, glass bottles can be a hazard if not handled correctly. If you do purchase a glass bottle, make sure you invest in a water bottle sleeve.

2. Material 

Stainless steel, glass, and aluminum are popular water bottle options. However, bottle companies such as Owala (AKA yours truly) have been expanding their horizons and investing in Tritan-safe plastic.

Tritan is a BPA-free plastic that is both impact resistant and tough. It’s the ultimate substitute for plastic water bottles. Tritan stands as one of the best materials, right next to the sturdy stainless steel. 

3. Lid Style 

Do you like a straw with your drink? Or do you prefer to sip from the rim? These are small details you might forget about. Water bottles come in caps, straws, lids, and other innovative lid designs. It all depends on your preference! 

4. Insulation

Water isn't the only liquid you can put in your water bottle. Some people put coffee or tea in their water bottles. That's where your bottle's insulation becomes way more important.

A well-insulated water bottle will stay hot or cold for a long period. Research which water bottle brands hold temperature the best and look into the material. This will help you figure out the best water bottle type for you.

5. Size

Last but not least, your bottle's size will be based on how much water you consume daily. If you're someone who wants a water bottle for intense activities, look into a medium to a large water bottle. However, if you plan on using your water bottle at home, consider purchasing a mini water bottle

Where to Buy the Best Water Bottle

You'll find water bottles at almost any department store. Before purchasing, consider researching the bottling company to ensure you're happy with your purchase. If you aren't much of an in-person shopper, you'll find a whole bunch of cute water bottles online! 

For instance, Owala is known for its high-quality, durable, and cute water bottles. Each bottle is easy to clean and use. Not only that, but they invented the FreeSip technology, where you can sip water more efficiently than ever! Want to sip? Use its built-in straw? Prefer to swig? Just tip the bottle and drink through the spout. 

But Owala does more than just sell water bottles. We interact with our customers often to ensure customer satisfaction. For example, we have a "Color Drop" mystery poll where we release trendy colors in a fun way! That's why we’re a five-star company with over 40,000 reviews!

Always Stay Hydrated With a Cute Water Bottle!

Don't settle for a boring plastic water bottle that you'll throw away the same day. It's wasteful and plastic material is often unhealthy for continuous consumption. Invest in a high-quality, cute water bottle so you can stay hydrated with style!

Owala stands by doing more of what you love, and that means making the best water bottles on the market! Contact us so we can help you find your dream water bottle.