The Best Mini Water Bottle

Two mini Owala flip water bottles in kids backpack pockets

Study upon study suggests that American kids don't drink enough water on a daily basis. One even found that up to 25% of children report drinking no water at all each day. 

Do your kids fall into this category?  

If you’re nodding your head yes, it’s time to get your kids excited about hydration. After all, staying hydrated is one of the most important (and easiest, and most affordable) ways to stay on top of good health. Because water is vital for keeping our bodies functioning properly—and for kids who are active and growing, this is extra important. 

A mini water bottle can make it fun and easy for your kids to drink plenty of water every single day. Which mini water bottle should you buy? The insulated 14-oz. Owala® Kids’ Flip™ bottle is an excellent option. Here’s why: 

It's the Perfect Size 

You can find a water bottle that holds up to a gallon of liquid at a time. That's a great concept for staying hydrated, but in reality, a jumbo bottle is way too big for your little one to lug around.  

Rather than investing in a huge water bottle that your kids won't be able to lift without some serious muscle, go with a bottle sized just for them. The Kids' Flip definitely checks the right box in the size department, while still providing 14 ounces of precious hydration—and can be refilled and reused time and time again. 

It’s the perfect size to tuck into a backpack water bottle holder. And what’s more, it has an integrated carry loop that makes it easy-peasy for kids to carry. 

It Comes in a Wide Range of Colors 

The convenient size of the Kids' Flip water bottle may be the first thing you notice, but the cool color options will be a close second. 

There’s a Kids' Flip water bottle color combo sure to suit any kid’s style, including:  

  • Teal + Pink 
  • Blue + Teal 
  • Grey + Black 
  • Pink + Orange 
  • Light Green + Blue 

Let your kid pick their favorite color and get them excited about using their new mini water bottle. That alone might be enough to encourage them to drink more water every day. 

It's Insulated 

Lukewarm water is a sure way to turn your kids off of proper hydration. But not to worry! The stainless-steel Kids' Flip bottle is insulated, so it keeps water fresh and cold for up to 24 hours. 

Toss a few ice cubes into your kid’s bottle and send them on their way. They’ll enjoy ice-cold water all day long thanks to this beauty of a mini water bottle. 

It's Reusable 

Here’s a fact your kids might not learn in school: every year, Americans throw out more than 35 billion empty plastic water bottles. Many of these single-use bottles end up in landfills where they'll sit for the foreseeable future. 

Not only is a mini water bottle a great way to make sure your kids stay hydrated, it’s also a sustainable solution to support Mother Nature.  

Talk to your kids about how a reusable can benefit our planet. This is sure to get them even more excited about the idea of using a mini water bottle every day. They'll be proud to share what they’ve learned with their teachers and friends about the role they're playing in helping make the world a better place. 

It Comes with a Locking Lid and a Cool Straw 

Are you concerned about your kids spilling water (or sticky juice—ick) all over the place if you give them a water bottle? There's no need to worry as long as they're using a Kids' Flip water bottle. This particular mini water bottle has a locking lid that prevents spills.  

It also has a cool, integrated, flip-up straw designed for sipping. The flip-up straw makes it super fun for your kids to drink—and it also keeps the drinking surface free from germs, since they don’t need to get their grubby hands all over the straw. That’s what we call a win-win.  

It's Affordable 

After learning about the benefits of the Kids' Flip water bottle, you might be under the impression that it will cost a pretty penny. But guess what? It’s only $19.99. 

That's a small price to pay for all the advantages that come with a cool-looking, kid-sized, eco-friendly mini water bottle. 

It's Not Just for Kids! 

The Kids' Flip water bottle is called a kids' water bottle for a reason. It's sized specifically for kids. But that doesn't mean that adults can't use it, too. 

If you don't like carrying around a larger water bottle yourself, by all means make the Kids’ Flip mini water bottle your new best friend. 

In fact, if leading by example is your parenting game, this might be the perfect way to encourage your kids to drink more water. You can bond over a shared love for your mini water bottles. Drink up and refill them often. 

Sold on This Mini Water Bottle?  

Now that you know all about the insulated stainless-steel Owala Kids' Flip mini water bottle, it’s time for you and your kids to put it to the test. It won't take long to understand why it has become one of our best-selling bottles. Get yours now