You Deserve the Best: Water Bottle With Straw

Girl outside a big building drinking from an Owala water bottle

In 2020, on average, Americans drank a staggering 45.2 gallons of bottled water each. Believe us, there are benefits to drinking a gallon of water, but you're reading this because you know there's a better way to drinking water.

Insulated water bottles don't just save you money, they help reduce your impact on the planet and provide the best possible hydration experience.  

Which is our fancy-schmancy way of saying you should love drinking out of your insulated bottle. 

But have you ever felt that your insulated water bottle is not quite as user friendly as it could be? Is there perhaps a small design feature that would take it to the next level? 

For example, a hidden, integrated straw? 

There are plenty of companies that manufacture a water bottle with straw. But there's a difference between churning something out and meticulously crafting the best possible solution for that ultimate hydration experience. (See where we’re going with this?) 

Let's take a deep dive into everything you need to know about water bottles with straws—which, ultimately, is this: the Owala® FreeSip® bottle.  

Water Bottle With Straw: What You Need to Know 

There are times when all you want to do is chug a bottle of chilled water as fast as you can. Like when you've just run a marathon, or when it’s 98 degrees out and you’re plastered to a sticky subway seat. 

Then there are times when you want the delicacy of a straw. Times when looking your best matters. Like when you need a simple little sip before meeting that guy from Tinder, and you don't want water dripping down the front of your dress. 

Most water bottles with a straw fail to give you that kind of flexibility. It's the straw or nothing—unless you unscrew the lid, and then you're just asking for trouble. 

This brings us to the characteristic that separates the best from the rest in the world of water bottles with straws. What if there was a bottle that gave you the best of both worlds?  

Sip or Chug? The Choice Is Yours 

We're talking a spout for chugging and a straw for sipping. That would be a genius invention indeed.  

(Hint, hint: it exists.) 

These groundbreaking bottles include a straw that extends deep into the bottle, allowing you the pleasure of gently extricating every last drop of goodness. They’re perfect for discreet drinks at your desk or at the cocktail bar (well, maybe that’s pushing things). 

For those times when just a sip won’t cut it, the Owala FreeSip bottle features an ergonomic opening that lets you tilt back and chug down. We’re talking effortless hydration with zero compromise.  

Yet, when you need only a sip—and no drip—the bottle’s hidden straw lies in wait. It’s as simple as making the choice each time you go to drink: sip or swig? There’s no twisting, turning, or top-taking-off required. 

Materials Matter 

These days, most of us think twice before uniting our lips with something made of plastic. That's because of BPA, which stands for bisphenol A. (Sounds tasty, right?) 

BPA has been used for over 70 years in products made of polycarbonate—the stuff that’s in most standard water bottles. 

The jury is out on exactly how harmful BPA is. But it's worrying enough for the FDA to ban its use in infant bottles and sippy cups, as it’s believed to have harmful effects on unborn fetuses and may impact a child’s behavior. 

We think—and we imagine you’ll agree—it's a good idea to avoid this as much as possible. So be sure to look out for a built-in straw water bottle that is BPA-free. 

Keep the Cold In  

Many water bottle companies claim that their products are insulated. That's appealing, but be sure to investigate exactly what they mean.  

Does their “insulated” bottle keep drinks cold for one hour? Ten hours? Twenty? 

To achieve optimal insulation, look for a stainless steel water bottle that's made from triple-layered, vacuum-insulated stainless steel. This will ensure that your water will still be refreshingly cool when you need a mid-afternoon pick me up. Let's face it—lukewarm water just won’t cut it. 

Dust Out, Water In 

There are dangerous things flying around out there—dust, germs, bats, teeny-tiny aliens... 

OK, maybe we’re exaggerating. But you get our drift. Neither germs nor dust nor debris have any place in your drinking water. 

You need a great-sealing lid that will keep the nasties at bay and keep your water where it belongs, even if your bottle takes a tumble (or ends up upside down in your bag). 

We’re gonna go right ahead and tell you that the Owala FreeSip bottle WILL NOT LEAK. (Yup, we yelled just now.) And, its locking lid provides perfect cover from dirt and germs. 

Push-Button or Twist? 

Go on, tell us—are you a pusher or a twister? 

Now if you're a twister, there's nothing wrong with that. Twist caps have their place. But they can't come close to the convenience of push-button lids. 

A single push of your thumb or any other digit and a push-button lid is ready to go. There’s no need to thread it correctly, and no chance of it leaking.  

So do yourself a favor. When you're hunting for a water bottle with built-in straw, choose convenience. Choose a push-button lid. 

Keep It Clean 

Does your current water bottle have more nooks and crannies than an English muffin? That can be tough to clean.  

You can never be sure that you have it totally clean. And that's kind of essential with a reusable item that you plan to wrap your lips around several times a day. 

Your insulated water bottle with straw will soon lose its allure if it's a nightmare to wash. Look for one that features parts that easily disassemble and reassemble for effortless cleaning. 

Is It Possible to Have It All? 

We say, “YES!” No one should have to compromise when searching for the perfect water bottle with straw. 

There is a product that combines both a straw and a spout. One that uses BPA-free materials and is a cinch to keep clean. One with an easy-open, push-button lid and a carry handle for easy toting that—wait for it—doubles as a lock. 

Oh yeah. We're talking about the Owala FreeSip bottle.  

Time to Order Your Owala FreeSip Bottle 

It's time to say goodbye to water bottles that cramp your style. Say hello to the ultimate water bottle with straw—the Owala FreeSip bottle. It only has 30,000+ five-star reviews. (But you know, we're working on it.) 

Available in Tritan plastic and insulated stainless steel, this beauty has it all. Choose from sizes ranging from 19-40 ounces and a dazzling array of colors. And for the ultimate in personal expression, snag a limited-edition Color Drop bottle. 

Get what 30,000+ of your peers can’t live without. Get your Owala FreeSip bottle today!