How To Clean a Stainless Steel FreeSip Water Bottle

How To Clean a FreeSip Water Bottle

Using your FreeSip bottle every day? We couldn’t be more proud! Now for the next most important step: cleaning. Keeping your FreeSip water bottle clean keeps water fresh as a mountain stream and free from nasty bacteria or mold. Stainless steel water bottles, like our iconic FreeSip, are champs at keeping your drinks the right temperature and stand up to wear and tear. But that unfortunately doesn’t make them immune to dirt and bacteria buildup. That’s why a consistent cleaning routine is so important.

Not sure how to clean your water bottle? We’ve got you covered. There are several effective methods to clean your FreeSip water bottle, each suited to different levels of grime and residue. Whether you’re dealing with everyday gunk or some serious grime, here’s a comprehensive guide to help keep your FreeSip water bottle in pristine condition. 

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Hand Washing

When it comes to everyday maintenance, hand washing is the way to go because it lets you thoroughly clean all components. Start by separating the slider from the lid. Why? Because the small parts can trap moisture, leading to mold in your metal water bottle. Gross. Next, remove the slider gasket as well. Residue can also build up in this piece that needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

Using a bottle brush, scrub the inside of the bottle, reaching all the way to the bottom and ensuring all surfaces are cleaned. The bottle brush is ideal because it can access areas that a regular sponge cannot. Then if you have a 2-in-1 Bottle Brush, you can use the smaller brush to clean the straw. After scrubbing, rinse all parts with warm water and lay them out to dry completely. This step is important to prevent any residual moisture that can cause mold or mildew.

  1. Separate slider from lid
  2. Separate slider gasket 
  3. Use a bottle brush
  4. Lay out to dry


While hand washing is recommended, certain parts of your FreeSip water bottle can take a spin in the dishwasher. Keep the base and lid out of there—to avoid any damage from high temperatures or harsh detergents (and to keep the finish looking as pretty as the day you bought it). But the straw? Totally cool to be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher.

For the key mechanism, spout, and both gaskets, pop them in the utensil case to make sure they get a good clean. Run the dishwasher on a regular cycle, and once finished, reassemble your bottle and it’s ready to use. See? An easy peasy way to get a thorough clean.

  1. We recommend hand washing the base and lid
  2. Straw can be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher
  3. The key mechanism, spout, and both gaskets can be placed in the utensil case of the dishwasher
  4. Run the dishwasher and use it afterwards!

How to Eliminate Stains and Odors

Hey, it happens to us all. Over time, even the best-maintained water bottles can get stains and odors. It can happen a bit with stainless steel bottles if you use various beverages that can leave behind residues and smells. Coffee, tea, juices, and even water with high mineral content can contribute to these issues. Luckily, we’ve got some easy fixes to keep your FreeSip and Kids' FreeSip water bottle fresh.

Stains and odors often come from leftover residues in hard-to-reach areas of the bottle. If you skip cleaning or don’t dry it properly, you’re basically throwing a party for bacteria. The good news? You don’t need to go nuclear to get your bottle clean. Just use cleaning techniques that penetrate and dissolve these residues without damaging the stainless steel. Simple, natural cleaners like baking soda and vinegar work wonders, and specialized cleaning tablets can make your bottle look brand new. Here’s how to clean your stainless steel water bottle (no matter how gunky it currently is).

Baking Soda Paste

Got tough stains and lingering odors? Baking soda is your new best friend. All you need is baking soda and water. Mix these ingredients until they form a thick paste. Grab a bottle brush, slather on the paste, and scrub thoroughly. The gentle abrasiveness of baking soda helps lift stains without scratching the surface of your stainless steel bottle. After scrubbing, rinse the bottle with warm water to remove any residue. Voila—fresh and clean again!

Ingredients needed:

  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • Bottle brush

Vinegar Soak

Another powerful cleaning method involves using vinegar and baking soda. Start by scrubbing and rinsing all parts of your bottle with warm, soapy water to get rid of surface dirt and prep the bottle for a deep clean. Next, spray or soak the components in distilled white vinegar. Let the vinegar work its magic for several hours to break down any built-up grime and kill bacteria.

For extra cleaning power, mix 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda with 2-3 tablespoons of distilled white vinegar. Apply this fizzy solution to the components and scrub again. The foaming action tackles stubborn stains and odors like a champ. Finally, rinse everything thoroughly with warm water or place them on the top rack of your dishwasher for a final clean.

How to use vinegar and baking soda as a cleaning solution

Cleaning instructions:

  1. Scrub and rinse off all components with warm, soapy water. A sponge or straw brush can be used to get into the nook or smaller spaces.
  2. Spray or soak the parts in distilled white vinegar. Leave the vinegar on for several hrs.
  3. Mix 1-2 TBSP baking soda with 2-3 TBSP of distilled white vinegar and scrub. 
  4. Rinse parts with warm water, or place them on the top rack of your dishwasher.

EcoBrite Tablets

EcoBrite tablets are another fantastic solution to keep your FreeSip bottle spotless. These powerful little tablets are designed to dissolve in water, creating a powerful cleaning solution that can remove stains and odors—just like magic. Simply fill your bottle with water, drop in an EcoBrite tablet, and let it sit for the recommended amount of time. Rinse thoroughly afterwards, and your bottle will be clean and fresh.

Avoid These FreeSip Water Bottle Cleaning Mistakes

Now that you know how to clean a water bottle, here’s how not to clean one.

Use Metal Brushes on Your FreeSip water bottle

Using metal brushes can scratch and damage the stainless steel surface. Not only do they ruin its cool look, but they can also harbor bacteria and mold. Stick to soft-bristle bottle brushes or sponges that can clean effectively without causing damage.

Bleach Your FreeSip water bottle

Way too harsh for your bottle. It can damage materials and leave behind a residue that is difficult to rinse out completely, posing potential health risks. Yikes. Stick to milder, more natural cleaning solutions like baking soda and vinegar for a safe and effective clean.

Microwave Your FreeSip water bottle

Microwaving your FreeSip water bottle is a major no-no. Stainless steel isn’t microwave-safe, and attempting to heat it in the microwave can cause sparks, fires, or damage to the microwave itself. Always avoid putting any metal objects in the microwave, including your water bottle.

Freeze Your FreeSip water bottle

Freezing your FreeSip water bottle can also cause some serious trouble. Water expands when it freezes, which can warp or crack your bottle. If you want extra cold water, it’s best to add ice cubes or refrigerate the bottle instead of freezing it.

FreeSip Water Bottle Cleaning Routine

Once you know how to clean your water bottle, keeping your FreeSip water bottle in peak condition is ultra easy. Aim to clean your bottle daily with warm soapy water, especially if you’re filling it with anything other than water. For a deeper clean, use the baking soda paste or vinegar soak at least once a week. This routine will help keep bacteria, mold, and odors at bay, so your bottle remains clean and ready for any adventure.

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