Owala® FreeSip®: The Best Big Water Bottle

Three 40oz Owala water bottles on mini cardboard buildings


When you see someone walking down the street lugging a water bottle bigger than their head, resist the urge to make a snarky comment. Whether you realize it or not, you're lugging around a massive amount of water, too. The human body is 60 percent water, and you need every drop to function at your best and feel good. 

When you commit to good hydration, you commit to being a rockstar of a human being—one with clearer, brighter skin and overall better health. Proper hydration gives you more energy, which usually translates to more zest for life and for doing all the things you love.  

And, as a rockstar of a human, you deserve an amazing accessory to pair up with your positive, healthy, confident vibe. The 40-oz. Owala FreeSip bottle is the best big water bottle on the market to match the new—better hydrated—you.  

How do we know? More than 40,000 five-star reviews (and counting) say the Owala FreeSip bottle needs to be your new best friend. 

Why go for the FreeSip bottle? It's the trendiest and most efficient way to ensure you meet your lofty hydration goals, with nary a refill required.  

Plus, we think the straw is neat.  

But if you’re not yet convinced, we've created this hydration guide to enlighten you on the benefits of the 40-oz. FreeSip, the best big water bottle money can buy.  

Why Hydrate? 

When you wake up in the morning with bleary eyes and lurch zombie-like toward the coffee maker, you're starting the day at a disadvantage. Sure, the caffeine might perk up your brain and get you going, but the rest of your cells will be silently screaming for water. Coffee is a diuretic, and while it won't totally dehydrate you unless you drink a lot, it will signal your kidneys to release the pipes.  

And contrary to what you might think, urination itself isn't a sign of healthy hydration. In some cases, it can mean the opposite.  

Unless your urine is crystal clear (which does show that you’re properly hydrated), your body may be releasing fluid that it needs to carry the oxygen and nutrients throughout its systems. Research shows that even two percent fluid loss can impact your focus, memory, and mood. And nobody wants that. 

All that is to say, you need to replace lost liquid with good ol’ H2O if you want to stay on your A-game.  

Hydration Makes You Hot  

Every cell in your body is thirsty, from your brain to your nails to your heart. The more water you drink, the better those cells can function. Therefore, the more liquid you pump into your hair and skin cells, the healthier and better you'll look in those post-workout selfies.  

Speaking of working out, you need plenty of water to sustain your active lifestyle. You lose fluid as you move, whether you're casually counting steps or training for a marathon. Your body can only function at its peak when it has enough water to move vitamins, nutrients, and oxygen through your bloodstream.  

When you reach for your FreeSip water bottle, you're satiating one of your body's most essential needs.  

And even if you're a genius, your brain is just a hunk of bouncy grayish matter powered by electricity. It can't always tell the difference between thirst and hunger, so drinking can keep you feeling full and satisfied, reducing your need for extra snacking throughout the day. 

Plus, water can wake you up as well as any midday latte. When there's plenty of water in your system, your body doesn't have to work as hard to take care of its functions, giving you more energy to burn. Water will also help your body naturally detox, leaving only the good stuff behind.  

FreeSip: The Best Big Water Bottle  

Frequent, clear urine is the easiest signal to watch for to know that you're giving your body the water it needs to go above and beyond. Of course, achieving valedictorian-level hydration is easier said than done, and that's where the 40-oz. FreeSip bottle comes in. 

Take a quick glance at the FreeSip bottle’s 40,000+ plus five-star reviews and take note of how many reviewers mention that they "can't stop peeing." That's a ton of folks whose cells have the energy and fuel to improve their looks, power their workouts, and boost their moods.  

The 40-oz. FreeSip bottle works for several reasons: it's big, it’s fun to use, and it won't leak all over your stuff.  

Size Matters 

The 40-oz. FreeSip bottle holds 40 ounces of water (uh, duh). That’s nearly as heavy as the average human brain or about half the weight of a chihuahua. In other words, it’s a lot of liquid.  

The bigger the water bottle, the less often you need to stop for a refill. Your 40-oz. FreeSip bottle comes with triple-layer insulation, which will keep things nice and cold, even if it takes you a while to drain it. In fact, you won’t have to worry about your water losing its chill for a whopping 24 hours. 

But don’t be afraid of the FreeSip bottle’s giant capacity. In fact, line it up side-by-side with other gargantuan bottles and you’ll notice how well it does its job while maintaining its sleek exterior. There’s a bit less bottle to lug around, but no less hydration capacity. That’s the kind of magic we’re known for. 

The less you have to work, the more likely you are to achieve your hydration goals, and we think that's nifty. In other words: go big or go home.  

Water Where You Want It 

You might be surprised to learn that your water bottle doesn't have to leak everywhere. Revolutionary—we know. The FreeSip bottle is 100 percent leak-proof—yup, even when you're toting a full 40 ounces.  

Just fill your bottle and... that's it. The only place the water will go is into your mouth, as nature intended.  

Choose Your Own Adventure 

You probably already own another water bottle. Maybe it’s abandoned on a cupboard shelf, stuck at the bottom of a gym bag, or sitting bone-dry on a desk somewhere. If your water bottle is not an Owala inferior, you're just not going to use it. 

The 40-oz. Owala FreeSip water bottle gives you options, so you can imbibe that sweet, sweet H2O in a way that's convenient for you. It has a fun, flip-top button that pops open without constant twisting and unscrewing—and with just one hand. From there, you can opt for a sip through the easy, built-in straw, or you can tilt the bottle back for a big, satisfying swig.  

When hydration doesn't suck, you'll actually meet your goals. It's as easy as that.   

Level up Your Water Intake with the Owala FreeSip 

Ready to commit and transform how you care for your body? The first step is to pick up the best big water bottle you can find and take your fluid consumption seriously. Let a huge, durable water bottle be your steadfast companion on your epic hydration journey. 

Lucky for you, Owala is home to the best big water bottles anywhere (and the best medium and small ones, too). Once you try the nifty FreeSip spout, you'll never go back to that sad drinking fountain life. Visit our online store today to find your big bottle bestie—and get our hydration on track.