The Owala® FreeSip® Bottle: Your Perfect Gym Water Bottle

A guy and a girl talking and smiling and holding Owala water bottles

When you work out, you sweat and your body loses water. It's important to drink water during most workouts in order to replace what you've lost. Yes, you need to stay hydrated—not only during your runs, rides, and pickleball games, but also during strength training, Pilates, and cardio sessions. 

That means you need a good gym water bottle. 

So, what makes a water bottle a good gym water bottle? You know we’re gonna tell ya...right here, right now.  

That’s right. We're here to talk about why we love using the Owala FreeSip bottle during our workouts and why you will, too. 

It Has an Easy-to-Use Spout 

The Owala FreeSip bottle benefits from super-advanced spout technology. Whoa—we bet you didn’t even know that is a thing.  

Well, here’s the deal: you can keep the bottle upright to sip through a hidden straw when you only want a simple sip; or, when you’re extra thirsty, you can tilt the bottle back for a satisfying swig.  

Friends, the choice is yours. The FreeSip spout makes drinking during workouts a breeze—whichever way you want to do it. 

It Won't Leak 

Despite being so easy to drink from, the Owala FreeSip bottle won't leak when you're not using it. That's right—when you're done drinking from the bottle, there's no chance of it spilling all over your exercise mat. 

That’s due to the bottle’s easy-to-use lid. It opens with the push of a button (look Ma, one hand), and closes back up with a simple snap. Plus, the carry loop doubles as a lock, holding that lid securely in place until you’re ready to drink again.  

Save yourself the embarrassment of spilling your water in front of your gym buddies. That’s just so uncool. When you switch to an Owala FreeSip bottle, you’ll leave leaks and spills behind. 

It Holds All the Water You Need 

Maybe you’re down for a quick session, and a 19-oz. bottle will do. Or maybe you’re into some heavy lifting or a hardcore class, and you know you’ll polish off a full 40 ounces of fluid. 

Whatever you hydration needs, the Owala FreeSip bottle has you covered. It comes in four different sizes—19 oz., 24 oz., 32 oz., and 40 oz.—so you can pick the gym water bottle size that suits you best. Yeah, we thought of everything.  

It's Easy to Hold 

Even our largest FreeSip bottle is easy to hold, thanks to a contoured body and a clever carry loop. That means you can grab it quickly between sets at the weight rack, without losing your momentum or your mojo. 

Even if you're sweaty, this gym water bottle won't slide out of your hands. The BPA-free plastic Tritan version is smooth without being slippery. The insulated stainless-steel version has a feel-good powder-coat finish that won’t sweat, no matter how much you do (or no matter how cold the water is inside). 

It's Stylish 

Maybe you want us to believe that you're not focused on style when you’re at the gym. But let's be real—you feel better when you have stylish, coordinated fitness gear. Matching leggings and water bottles? Yes, please!  

The Owala FreeSip bottle looks so good you’ll be proud to pull it out of your gym bag. There’s an array of cool colors in stock, so you’re sure to find one to fit your aesthetic. Whether you like neutrals like Grayt or white, mellow pastels, or crazy color pops, there’s an Owala FreeSip bottle for you.  

And if you’re eager to stand out from the crowd even more, subscribe to our emails and we’ll alert you when one of our super-limited-edition Color Drop bottles is about to hit.  

It Stays Cold 

Don't you hate it when the water in your bottle is warm by the time you go to drink it (especially if it's been sitting in your hot car)? Wouldn’t you rather have icy-cold water while you're sweating through a workout and when you’re heading home from the gym? 

Say hello to the FreeSip bottle’s triple-layer, vacuum-insulated stainless steel. That’s just a fancy way of saying your water will stay nice and cold for up to 24 hours. You know those bottles that you fill with ice, only to find the ice is still there doing its job the next day? Yup—that’s us. 

It's Durable 

A sports and fitness water bottle needs to be able to withstand some tough times. After all, your workouts can get intense, right? It's easy to kick it over while doing cardio or knock it over when you drop your weights too hard on the ground. 

This Owala water bottle is durable enough to withstand most things you can conceivably throw at it. The durable Tritan plastic or insulated stainless steel make it more like a water fortress than a simple water bottle.  

It's Easy to Wash 

If you're an everyday gym-goer—or simply an everyday water drinker (and who is not?)—keeping some water bottles clean can be problematic (especially if you mix pre-workout or BCAAs into your water). Sticky residue and nasty germs can be troublesome to clean if your bottle has inaccessible nooks and crannies. 

Luckily, Owala water bottles are a breeze to clean. You can disassemble them with ease, and all the plastic parts are dishwasher safe. We recommend hand washing the stainless-steel bottle body, simply because it’s the best way to preserve the beautiful finish (and hey, it couldn’t be easier to do).  

We even make a clever cleaning brush for your gym water bottle, equipped with a hideaway straw brush to clean the straw and spout.  

Yup. You'll Love Your Owala Gym Water Bottle 

Now, is there any question that the Owala FreeSip bottle is a fantastic water bottle for your workouts? Treat yourself to a new gym water bottle today. You deserve an upgrade, and a FreeSip bottle may just be the motivation you need to kick your fitness routine into high gear.