The Perfect Gift to Help Nurses Stay Hydrated

A nurse holding an Owala bottle for hydration

Did you know that nearly half of nurses are dehydrated by the end of their shifts? Dehydration makes us feel cranky and crummy and unhealthy—and your favorite nurse deserves better than that.

What's worse, studies show that dehydration among nurses causes brain fog and decreases their ability to make critical safety decisions. This means that dehydration among nurses not only impacts their health, but can have implications for their patients, too.

Clearly, we need to do what we can to help nurses stay hydrated.

On average, people need between 11 and 16 cups of water each day. But staying hydrated can be extra tough for nurses. They rarely have much downtime while on the job. Plus, vending machines and water fountains can be far away when working in a large clinic or hospital.

But don't worry—Owala can help. We have the perfect gift for the nurse on your list: an Owala® FreeSip® bottle.

Easy to Carry

Nurses are on the go all day (or all night, depending on their shift). Whether they're blitzing back and forth between patient rooms or power walking across the hospital, they rarely stay rooted in one spot.

Unless they have drinks stationed all around the facility, it can be hard for nurses to hydrate.

That's why they need a water bottle that can easily go with them, anywhere and everywhere. And that's why they'll love the FreeSip bottle's integrated carry loop, which flips up and fits perfectly around one or two fingers. It also locks into place (preventing spills) when they're ready to toss their bottle in a bag.

Wherever your nurse needs to go, an Owala bottle is an effortless sidekick to take along. 

Easy to Clean

Let's face it—nurses are busy people. They're not about to fall head over heels for a water bottle that requires heavy-duty cleaning. 

That's another reason why an Owala bottle is the perfect gift—it's super easy to clean. We're talking a simple twist-off lid, an extra wide-mouth opening, and a dishwasher-safe lid and straw. 

You can even accesorize your gift with our 2-in-1 Bottle Brush, which includes a hidden straw brush to tidy up the bottle's spout.

Even better, Owala bottles resist odors—so the nurse in your life won't have to waste time scrubbing or soaking to remove stink.

Keeps Drinks Cold for 24 Hours

Nurses work long shifts. The most common shift length for nurses in the U.S. is 12 hours—which is a long time to keep a drink fresh and cold.

Nobody wants to reach for a cold drink during a seemingly-endless shift, just to find their beverage has turned to room temp. Hard-at-work nurses deserve an icy-cold, refreshing drink anytime, anywhere.

Owala bottles keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours, thanks to triple-layered, vacuum-insulated stainless steel. The nurse in your life can stay hydrated and happy with a nice cool drink at the ready, day or night.

Hydration Tracking  Made Easy

Owala bottles come in a variety of sizes, from 19 ounces to 32 ounces.

The volume of water each bottle holds works like a water-intake calculator. It's an easy tool for nurses to stay hydrated and set daily goals. They can simply multiply the ounces per bottle by the number of Owala bottles they aim to finish. 

Or, they can use our "How much water should I drink a day chart" to match their weight with how many bottles they should drink per day.

For example, a 140-pound nurse (or lawyer or grocery clerk, for that matter) should drink three full 24-ounce Owala bottles or two full 32-ounce Owala bottles per day. It's that simple!

BPA Free

BPA is a toxic chemical found in some plastics. It has been connected with the risk of chronic disease and cancers like breast cancer.

As naturally health-conscious people, nurses will surely appreciate the fact that Owala bottles are BPA free. 

FreeSip® Spout

The Owala FreeSip bottle makes hydration simple for nurses—and for anyone looking to quench their thirst.

The FreeSip bottle features a unique spout, which offers two different ways of drinking:

Users can simply sip through the integrated straw, or take a big swig by tilting back the bottle and drinking through the wider opening. Swigging is perfect for nurses who get parched during their strenuous shifts. 

No Mess

Did we mention that Owala bottles are leakproof? That's right. The nurse you love won't need to worry about knocking over and spilling their drink on important paperwork or creating a slip hazard on the floor. 

Plus, the bottle's push-button lid means there's no need to touch the drinking surface—a fact that nurses who care about minimizing the spread of germs are sure to love.

What Are You Waiting For? Shop for Your Nurse Now

Whether you want to honor the nurse in your life with a gift for the holidays, their birthday, or National Nurses Week, you can't go wrong with an Owala bottle. 

They'll love that Owala bottles are versatile, mess free, easy to clean, and hygienic. Plus, Owala bottles make staying hydrated simpler than ever. And best of all, there's an Owala bottle in nearly every color imaginable—meaning it's easy to find a perfect fit for every nurse's personal style.

Check out all our bottles here and give the nurse on your list a gift they're sure to love.