10 Road Trip Games for Couples

a couple standing together, looking off in the distance while holding two water bottles

About to hit the road with your main squeeze? Road trips are not only a great adventure, but a chance to bond, laugh, and create sweet memories together. You’re basically living your own romantic comedy on the road. With tons of time ahead of you, liven things up with some entertaining and interactive games. It doesn’t matter whether you’re driving cross-country or cruising down new routes, these road trip games for couples are sure to add a fun twist to your travels, turning mundane miles into memorable moments.

Two Truths and A Lie

Do you have skills that would rival Sherlock Holmes? Time to show off. Each player takes turns sharing three statements about themselves—two of them are true and one is completely made up. It's up to the other person to suss out which statement is the lie. May the odds be ever in your favor. 

Kiss, Marry, Kill

If the road trip is starting to feel a little long, this game will shake things up. Take turns giving each other three options—celebrities, fictional characters, or even mutual friends—and decide which one you'd kiss, which one you'd marry, and which one you'd... well, you know. This fun game will have you laughing and learning a whole lot more about your partner's unique preferences.

20 Questions

Another couples car game for all the at-home (or should we say, on-the-road) detectives out there. Think of a person, place, or thing, and your partner has 20 chances to ask yes-or-no questions to guess what it is. Enjoy a friendly battle of wits—all while cruising along the open road. Need some questions to ask? We've got you covered with these 155 questions!

Name That Tune

Time to turn up the volume and put your musical knowledge to the test. Create a playlist of your favorite songs and take turns playing short snippets for each other to guess. Whether you're belting out rock anthems or swaying to romantic ballads, this is one of those road trip games for couples that’s sure to be an absolute blast. 

Would You Rather

A game that can be as crazy as you want. Usually the more wild, the funnier it is. So dig into that imagination for a minute. To play, you present dilemmas to each other (they can be anything from challenging to amusing), and then say which one you'd choose and why. From moral questions to hilarious hypotheticals, this game give you a fun look inside your partner’s brain. 

The Memory Game

There’s always that one person in a relationship who remembers little details about everything (no matter how long ago it was). Spoiler alert: They’ll probably be amazing at this too. You start by saying a list of items or experiences from your relationship, such as your first date or favorite vacation spot, and take turns adding to the list while connecting to the previous entries. With each round, you'll grow a little closer (awwwww) and celebrate the unique journey you've shared together, one memory at a time.

The Alphabet Game

Are you great at observing little details and thinking on your toes? Well, we’ll see about that.  One of our favorite road trip games for couples. As you drive, scan your surroundings for objects or signs that begin with each letter of the alphabet, going from A to Z. We bet you’ll end up enjoying your journey a whole lot more and discover hidden gems along the way—plus, a little friendly competition always adds to the thrill. 

The Movie Game

Film lovers, this one’s all you. Put your cinematic knowledge to the test by taking turns naming actors or actresses, then the next person must name a movie that they've starred in. Each round will bring back classics you loved and help you discover new favorites. You’ll have so much fun, it’ll feel like something you’ve seen in a movie (or maybe even inspire you to write your own). 

Odd Color Car

Turn your drive into a colorful scavenger hunt with the Odd Color Car game. Choose a specific color, and each time you spot a car of that hue, shout it out and earn points. Whether you're cruising past skyscrapers or the scenic countryside, this game will up the anticipation as you keep your eyes peeled for that elusive odd color car.

Bingo Game

One game you should definitely add to your 2024 bingo card. Beyond being a fun phrase, bingo is the perfect game to play. You can create custom bingo cards featuring road trip-themed items or landmarks you’ll probably see along the way, and mark off squares as you spot them. Every sighting will bring you one step closer to shouting "bingo!" and claiming your victory.

Looking for more car games for couples? Why not try some trivia questions and quiz each other's smarts?