20 Best Podcasts for Road Trips and Long Drives

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Road trips can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. Whether you’re going through the big countryside or through bustling city streets, the perfect podcast playlist can make your journey an unforgettable adventure. Pretty much everyone has a podcast these days, so when it comes to options, it’s pretty much unlimited. Depending on your mood, you can go for captivating stories, thought-provoking discussions, or silly jokes—and be endlessly entertained for hours (days, really). Join us as we dive into just a few of the best podcasts for road trips that are guaranteed to be a hit with everyone in your car. 

Podcasts For Adults

1. How I Built This

Want to feel inspired? Look no further than How I Built This. Host Guy Raz tells captivating stories about some of the world's most successful companies and brands. Each episode features in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs who share their journeys from humble beginnings to global success. Whether you’re looking for pro tips or simply enjoy a good success story, these episodes filled with perseverance, innovation, and triumph are a great source of motivation to chase your dreams and aspirations. 

2. The Toast

Laugh out loud with The Toast, hosted by Jackie and Claudia Oshry. It’s a fantastic mix of humor, satire, and cultural commentary. Its purpose? deliver five fast stories you need to know every weekday morning. The Toast will lighten the mood and feel like you just added two new friends to the car. 

3. The Sporkful

A podcast that isn’t just for foodies—it’s for everyone who likes to eat (AKA everyone).While you’re munching on your favorite road trip snacks with our viral FreeSip water bottle, you can listen to Dan Pashman enthusiastically chat about a wide range of culinary topics with humor and curiosity. Whether discussing the perfect sandwich or the etiquette of eating, The Sporkful is light-hearted entertainment that’ll satisfy every taste bud.

4. Normal Gossip

Have you heard… about this podcast? Normal Gossip, hosted by Kelsey McKinney treats listeners to a dose of gossip that’s as addictive as it is relatable, making it a fun pick for those wanting light, interesting material. 

5. More Than A Muse

Women are awesome, and this podcast continues to prove that. Hosted by Sadie Anderson and Stauney Hansen, More Than A Muse brings to the surface untold stories of women in art and history. Through interviews and deep dives into the lives of female artists and creators, the podcast celebrates the contributions of women to the world of art and culture.

6. National Parks After Dark

Want to make your night drive even more exciting? Listen to National Parks After Dark. This podcast takes listeners on an unforgettable journey through the beauty of national parks after dark, shining a light on nocturnal wildlife and other wonders that come to life under the stars. This gripping podcast is filled with wonder, adventure, and will make you feel like you’re right in these landscapes. Definitely one of the best podcasts for road trips if you’re a nature lover. 

7. The First Degree

Listen up true crime lovers! Take a dive into the dark side with The First Degree Podcast hosted by Jac Vanek, Alexis Linkletter, and Billy Jensen. Each episode uncovers chilling new details about real cases, through interviews with people closest to the victims. These interviews and discussions are guaranteed to keep you extra alert during your drive.

8. We’re Here to Help

Need some not so helpful (but possibly helpful) advice? We're Here To Help, hosted by Jake Johnson and Gareth Reynolds get calls from people on everything from work to relationship advice, with the caveat that the advice that they’ll get feels free. You’ll laugh a lot—and often be surprised at how despite how silly the advice, it’s actually pretty helpful. Maybe you’ll even send in a problem of your own.

9. Hidden Brain

Wish you understood the human brain more? Same. Shankar Vedantam will teach you about all the unconscious patterns that drive behavior, delving into psychology, sociology, and neuroscience with engaging storytelling and scientific research. Whether unraveling the secrets of decision-making or exploring the power of social influence, Hidden Brain is a pretty fun dive into why we do what we do. 

10. Ologies

Hosted by Alie Ward, Ologies interviews experts across various disciplines, from anthropology to zoology. It’s a fun, educational ride that uncover the wonders of the natural and social sciences (the "ologies").

11. Beautiful Anonymous

Completely unfiltered and so much fun, Beautiful Anonymous looks into the lives of strangers via anonymous phone calls. These one-hour phone conversations with anonymous callers range from profound to profoundly absurd. 

12. Stuff You Should Know

The best podcasts for road trips entertain you to your core. Stuff You Should Know does just that. Join hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryan as they dive into all kinds of topics—from history and science to pop culture and technology. With their trademark humor, the hosts take complex subjects and make them interesting for people of all ages. It’s honestly the perfect travel buddy. 

13. Decoder Ring

Each episode of Decoder Ring unravels the mysteries behind cultural events, as well as the history and impact on society. Host Willa Paskin talks about everything from internet memes to forgotten trends and uncovers interesting hidden stories about them. 

14. Good Food by Evan Kleiman

For the foodies on the road, Good Food is a must-listen podcast hosted by Evan Kleiman. From culinary trends to cooking techniques, Kleiman interviews chefs, farmers, and food experts to explore the world of food and its cultural significance. Let’s just say you’ll have a big appetite for it after just one episode.

15. Invisibilia

Invisibilia explores the invisible forces that control our ideas, beliefs, and actions. Through captivating storytelling and scientific research, hosts Alix Spiegel and Hanna Rosin will change the world as you see it. 

16. The Magnus Archives

If you like mystery and suspense, The Magnus Archives is for you. It’s perfect for night drives, with supernatural mysteries and eerie tales that’ll grip you from beginning to end. In each chilling episode, you’ll go on a journey through the archives of the Magnus Institute, where dark secrets and paranormal encounters await. It’s an experience that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat from dawn to dusk.

17. You’re Wrong About

Ever gotten something about history wrong? You’re not alone. Hosts Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbes debunk misconceptions about past events and pop culture. Through in-depth research and analysis, You’re Wrong About sets the record straight on everything you thought you knew. It’s definitely one of the best road trip podcasts we never knew we needed.

18. TED Talks Daily

Prepare to be wowed. TED Talks Daily are usually 10 to 20 minutes long, making them perfect for short bursts of inspiration or learning while on the road. They cover every topic you could ever think of, plus they spark interesting conversations—perfect for deep chats with your friends and family.

19. Potterless Podcast

In case you haven’t heard, Harry Potter is kind of a big deal (and has been for a long time). Pottlerless Podcast explores the world of Harry Potter and its fandom. It’s a magical adventure for any Potter fan and will add an instant hit of nostalgia. 

20. Design Matters Podcast

If you love design and creativity, Design Matters Podcast is made for you. Debbie Millman's insightful interviews with leading designers, artists, and thinkers will inspire you through thought-provoking discussions. If you’re looking for a lift during the long roads, don’t skip this one. 

Podcasts For the Kids

Who, When, Wow!

Podcasts for road trips aren’t just for adults! Who, When, Wow! is an educational series tackles big questions in a way that’s engaging for kids.  It’s fun, informative, and perfect for young, curious minds. 

Story Seeds

Story Seeds is a podcast where children's story ideas are brought to life by professional writers. If it sounds amazing, it’s because it is. Each episode features a child sharing their story idea, which is then developed into a short story by a professional author. It’s a treat for the whole family to listen to. 


The last of the road trip podcasts. Spitballers is light-hearted entertainment for families. It has games, jokes, and challenges that’ll keep everyone in the car interested—making road trips into fun-filled experiences that you’ll remember for a lifetime.